Roku Premiere+ Streaming Media Player

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Roku Premier+ Streaming Media Player
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Fyi: I have one of these connected to a Samsung suhd tv and it continuously gets the hdcp error. I returned 2 of them before just giving in and lowering the resolution below the 4k setting. Spoke with roku reps who had no problem issuing rma’s, but did not have a fix at the time, and looked for quite a while on different forums. Would love to hear if anyone else has found a reliable fix for this problem recently. Edit: All that being said, I would not hesitate to buy another if I needed one.

Works fine on my LG 4K tv.

Ya mean ya gotta have a TV? I knew there had to be a catch!

Typically an HDCP error is due to the HDMI cable. Have you tried different ones?

Also, It may be due to “piracy” issues. If you have this trouble while streaming media from your PC you can use an HDMI Splitter to solve it.

Ah yes, the Russian “Premier”+ model. Not be confused with the Premiere+ model.


FWIW… Here’s a side bay side comapare.

I have an ultra (got it from the local military exchange for like 50 bucks last year) I also have 2 Gen3’s and a few gen 2’s laying around (all in use btw). The 3 and 4 generations rock. I like the usb option so I can plug a external hard drive into it and watch movies. Nice to take on trips when the WiFi in the hotel sucks.

I have had a rebuilt Roku for several years and enjoy many of the free channels that my Direct tv service does not supply. I would give Roku 5 stars.

Same for me. Gorgeous picture. Love the Roku – will continue to love it if they remain responsive to improving the hardware and software to further meet growing feature requests as the things become more ubiquitous.

In Russia, ROKU watch you.

Well, here too.