Roku Streaming Stick - 2 Pack

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Roku Streaming Stick - 2 Pack
Price: $49.99
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5/23/2017 - $54.99 - Click To See Discussion (21 comments)

There seems to be a serious remote issue with these things.

do these have voice search?

I was tempted!

Until I read those reviews…

I have a couple other Roku devices that have worked wonderfully, but these ones seem to have some significant issues. If these were offered by Amazon (with their awesome return policy) I might jump on it.

But, this isn’t Amazon. Too risky.

Remember when Woot had things lots of people wanted and their crap came in bags rather than daily posts? Buy these and maybe you can find some film on Netflix that references the glory days of Woot.

Or, you can just keep coming back to the ‘new’ Woot aka “Amazon Outlet Store” just for the rare instances when the old Woot makes an appearance. Yep. I’m guilty as charged.

So true! I miss the old Woot. Now they’re owned by big brother and the quality has dropped tremendously!

Considering the sales so far, there are quite a few people that want it. I get that you don’t want it but it’s a pretty far leap to extrapolate that to the entire Woot customer base. :tongue:

Have a good day!

“Considering the sales so far…” We all know that does not necessarily equate to “good products being sold at good prices.” Suggesting that Woot has not become a much junkier “outlet” for Amazon than Woot as it existed years ago misses the mark. Like the OP to which you responded, yeah, I also continually come back only to continually be disappointed and only occasionally find something maybe worth hitting “buy” for. More often than not these days, the site is simply replete with items with far more negative reviews than positive.

At first, they came for my Woot bags 0f crap, and I said nothing. Then they changed the website and it was terrible yet I still did not speak up. Now, there is nothing left but the dregs of Amazon and I have nothing to buy.

On a positive note, I have more free time since I no longer come to the site as often and my bank account appreciates not spending a part of my paycheck since the site went downhill. YaY Amazon Day!

But don’t worry - the Woot staffers know about it and they’re “making things better.”

Not gonna get in a debate here but the only outlet for Amazon are the flash deals and we pick and choose those. In no way are we ever told what to sell. We have our own team of buyers.

Bought these the last time on Woot. They’re fine, but as some reviewers have noted, the remote takes time to be recognized. You can use the app on your phone, or you can leave the battery cover off and just pop a battery in and out. Works immediately.

My thinking is that the problem may be the TV you use. If you use the USB port on your tv, it may not have enough power. It works better if you plug the USB into an outlet. JM2C.

Anyone know if you can mirror your android to this bad boy?

For anyone interested in just one of these, Sling TV has a deal right now where they give you one for free when you pay for 2 months of their service.

Screen mirroring, yes.

And for someone’s question on voice, no.

I have one of these for each of my TVs. This is definitely a must-have for someone who has streaming apps like Netflix or especially Sling. I find the apps built into Roku to be better and quicker than those built into my smart TVs and the remote is very refreshing considering using the phone as such can be abysmal.

Good deal.

I agree with the USB power information. It would not work plugged into the TV’s USB port, so I used an old Samsung wall cell phone charger. Presto!

Just looking at the specs, it shows the USB needs 1500 milliamps. If you were to plug that into my PC’s USB port it wouldn’t work since it only supplies 500 milliamps for keyboards and mice. I think the same thing may be happening with some TVs. A wallwart has far more power, but it has to be the 2.1 amp versions, not the 1 amp ones since that’s only 1000 milliamps.

Agreed…I went through a couple of these a year or so ago…the remotes would never stay connected to the unit and the only way to get them working again was to remove/reinsert the batteries. I still like Rokus though…just not this version.

I’m only speaking on behalf of many long-time Wooters. The comments today (especially on the other similar thread) are pretty evident of this. I get that you are having more sales and making more money selling Amazon’s crap. Otherwise you probably would have the good deals you used to have. Just own the fact that you are Amazon’s outlet store now and go with it… it obviously is working for you.

And yes, I understand that you said you have your own buyers for many things. That’s probably why you at least have the occasional good deals still. And you have 9 categories now. Hitting 1/9 still gives you as many good deals as the glory days.