Roku Streaming Stick - 2 Pack

Purchased the two pack last time and love my Roku sticks. Easy to connect to the internet and as long as you’re not too far away from the WiFi source shouldn’t have connection issues. From time to time my remote will de-sync with the stick in our bedroom. I just have to pop the batteries out and then back in and 90% fixes the issue. On rare occasions I have had to unplug the roku stick itself from the power source and reboot it.

Very tempted now that YouTube announced today that come 1/1/2018 they won’t be compatible with my FireTVs! Was going to buy another FireStick for another TV, but I’m disgusted that Google and Amazon are having this little “war” at their customer’s expense!

I can’t really tell. Does anyone know if the Streaming Stick receives all the latest app updates? Specifically, did it get the update for Hulu Live?

Good timing for this Woot. I started shopping for a Roku to replace my Fire Box last night. Amazon won’t let me access Vudu to watch my digital copies of DVDs and BluRays I’ve bought from them and now they are dropping YouTube which accounts for 90% of my streaming.

I’m ignorant.
Does this require a monthly subscription???

Yes and no. Channels like Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix will require you to have the appropriate subscription. There are thousands of other free channels available, although the quality of content varies greatly.

Beware… these remotes are Bluetooth and eat batteries for lunch if the stick is turned off. If you’re going to set this up somewhere that you’re not using it or leaving the stick powered on all the time, I don’t recommend this.

I can’t imagine why anyone would prefer this over Fire. Even with dropping Youtube which I bet doesn’t last, Kodi still will support it

Will using the stick allow to see the different users on your Netflix account. I have a roku2 box and they do not show. they do show on my smart TV’s but they don’t require a roku…

Oh, that’s a very good point. I didn’t realize that. I guess we’d need to pull the batteries each time if the stick isn’t put in for long periods of time?

Hmmm, seems they didn’t fix that remote as part of the reconditioning. Last year I return 2 of these Roku’s due to remote issues before I got a fully functional one.

I’m not certain which version these are but the newest version of this stick will allow multiple Netflix accounts. My experience with these sticks is you sort of need to be using the newest versions to be able to access as much content as possible.
Roku maybe different but the difference between the Fire Stick gen 1 and gen 2 was amazing.

Not the case with mine. I’m over a year now and still on same batteries in remote.

Amazon won’t let me access any of the Ultraviolet content I’ve acquired over the years. I used to be able to watch those movies on Flixster on the Amazon device. Then Amazon decided that the Ultraviolet movies I own, most of which came as part of DVD and BluRay sets I bought off Amazon, were the products of a competitor and yanked the app. Now they are pulling the same crap with You Tube. F%#$ them.

Roku is still the best in this market. I just love mine. My friends with Chrome and Fire sticks complain all the time. Don’t know anybody with Apple TV, so can’t compare.

There is an unbelievable amount of free channels out there. Best is Roku Channel, which ‘scans’ all the channels for free movies and show it to you in one place. I got mine last year, and am mad I didn’t get one earlier.

Fire is tied to Amazon ecosystem. My friend complains all the time about the limitations of hie Fire, while I have no issues with my Roku.

Not sure about these. but separate users show up fine on both my Roku Expresses. Perhaps you could try updating the app? or removing it and readding it?