Roku Streaming Stick - 2 Pack

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Roku Streaming Stick - 2 Pack
Price: $49.99
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In for a second set.

Purchased a pair of these back in September from Woot. Love em. We have one plugged into our living room TV and one in our bedroom. The controller for the one in our bedroom can be a bit cantankerous and will lose signal to the stick from time to time. Typically mashing a button 3-6 times will get it to reconnect but every now and then it will take a complete rebooting. The one in our living room we never have a problem with losing connection.

Also just as an FYI We had a Roku model 3 that we purchased from Woot a few years back that died on us but I held onto the remote because it had the aux jack for headphones in it thinking that maybe in the future a new roku device would allow for us to use the headphone remote. Sadly while I can use the remote to choose channels on the Roku stick, the headphone function does not work.

Woot Representative,

Which Roku Streaming Stick model number is being offered, e.g. 3810, 3800, 3790, etc.?


It says: 3600XBVP

I have a Premier+ (living room), Roku 3 (bedroom), and a Stream Stick+ (travel). Love each one of them. Works with just about all the streaming services, connects to your local cable subscription, and streams from Plex. I literally use Roku multiple times every day!

No Blockbuster button?
Count me out!
Seriously, my stick cake with a Blockbuster button

We purchased one of these a long time ago and never used it. We finally canceled our Dish TV service a couple weeks ago and signed up for YouTube TV which the Roku devices now supports.

If you’ve been thinking about cutting the cord, this is a great way to save money… it has worked out great for us. Will also note that Sprint customers get free Hulu service as well.

Does anyone know what version of the Roku OS this utilizes? I’m trying to find out if this will support screen mirroring.

60 bucks for 2 at the mother ship and free prime shipping for refurbs. You can do better woot

This is a great deal on two Roku sticks BUT this is the older version from 2016. The Roku stick that came out in 2017 has the ability to control the TV with the Roku remote (power and volume). I think that feature alone is worth the extra cost.

We have free shipping for Prime as well. See my signature.

Will the Roku 3600XBVP work on Directv Now??

These are two Roku 3600X’s … The BVP suffix just means Refurbished Value Pack.

They’re circa April 2016, 900mhz BCM CPU (newer ones are ARM) and overall have about half the memory, third of the horsepower compared against today’s models. And no 4K.

Yes, they’ll work with DirecTVNow.

If I were going that route I’d spend the extra $10 for the + to get better WiFi and 4K support

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We deeply regret our decision to buy this deal the last time it came around. While to some it may be obvious, it was very unclear to us that separate power was required. Look at all the marketing and promotional images and you will see there are no hanging cords anywhere. Worse yet, the weight of the power cable is sufficient to become loose and break power connection. We have never made it through a 20-minute episode on Netflix before the device becomes unplugged and dies. This may be due in part to the very non-standard bent USB adapter, or just poor design. We now have a Google Chromecast which experiences NONE of the power issues.
I do not recommend
I would not buy again

Depending on your Tv, you may not be able to power this solely off of your HDMI in. My older LCD needs it to be plugged into an outlet for power because it doesn’t provide any power to the stick when in standby mode. This causes the roku to reset every time i turn off the TV (so basically i need to spend 5 minutes logging back in and loading channels). Like I said, easy enough fix…you just need to use the power adapter that comes with it. May be inconvenient for some that have issues accessing an outlet (although the TV has to be plugged into something, right?)

Small correction and some qualifiers. The BCM 900 is an ARM chipset. The newer 1080p Roku Stick (3800) is purportedly using the ARM Cortex-A53, which should be faster given newer 64-bit design but I haven’t tested the 3600 and 3800 Roku Sticks side by side to know how much faster.

As far as I can tell, the amount of non volatile storage memory and RAM are exactly the same between these two models. However, the WiFi should be better on the 3800 (802.11ac) and you get the power/volume buttons on the remote.

The Roku 3810 is the one with the increased storage, RAM, and 4K support.

There are a lot of Roku sticks out there. MHL model, older HDMI model, 2016 HDMI model, 2017 HDMI non 4K model, and 2017 4K model.

P.s. Yes, some Rokus do use non ARM chips, MIPS I believe, and they tend to be slower than the corresponding ARM models.

That’s too bad that you can’t watch a show but there are solutions to your problem.

  1. Use the USB port on your TV to power your Roku Stick

  2. Get a longer USB cable