Roku Ultra 4K UHD Streaming Media Player

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Roku Ultra 4K UHD Streaming Media Player
Price: $64.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Absolutely AWESOME Roku streaming device! Hands down, possibly the best.

I have had Roku’s since the Roku 2. I still have 2 Roku 2’s, 1 Roku 3 and this one which I purchased from here some time ago. It came in absolutely pristine condition, brown box.

It works perfectly and has every feature you would want on a streaming device.

How do I know this? I have them all. I have Nvidia Shield Pro, I have FireTV (not the new one with less features, the previous version) I have Xbox One S. All of these do 4K streaming but none of them are this low priced.

I highly recommend you jump on this deal. Enjoy!

Does the “point-anywhere remote” mean that it’s radio based as opposed to infrared? My Roku will be behind the TV and my Roku 2 uses, I think, wi-fi for the remote to communicate.

Does anyone know if I can stream Xfinity on this?

Still not better than a Mi Box, which streams just as good, runs Android TV, has voice-operated remote, costs less, and can run Kodi beautifully.

Yes it’s a radio remote and not infrared.

What is the difference between Ultra and Premiere +? Another site has the + for 59.99 and I get free shipping. I don’t have a 4k Tv.

Roku only shows the ultra now on their website. Is this Ultra the current model or an older one?

Ultra adds a wired ethernet connection and optical digital out. Premier+ does not have either of these. Otherwise they are the same, both support 4K HDR. I would guess since this is refurbished that it is the previous gen Ultra model. Not sure of any differences between the old one and the new one.

Edit: looks like there are some slight differences.

I bought the Ultra without Optical audio out a few weeks ago.

1- Besides Netflix & Hulu there are lots of other channels with content. Some better than others, some with obnoxious levels of commercials. There are a couple dozen of the music channels like satellite offers.
2- Works so much better than our Smart TV it’s incredible. Literally takes 20x less time to startup, find a show, start streaming.
3- Remote is radio so can use it under a blanket or other room or whatever.
4- Headphones are great! Uses the batteries up pretty fast though, and won’t detect my earbuds which have a mic builtin.
5- the Roku app on my phone can control the Roku.
6- can stream the audio to the Roku app, so I can control it and listen to it from there (with my favorite earbuds with the mic).

I don’t have a 4k TV so can’t test that but I have the cheapest internet available in upstate NY and have no issues streaming on the Roku while wife watches Hulu on her laptop upstairs.

If you want a one-stop web site to compare Roku models, try Wikipedia:

The short answer for you is that this model was introduced a year ago, but you should compare the features to help arrive at a decision.

Happy Wooting!

This is the top model of the fifth generation. Currently there’s a sixth generation on the market.

Yes, I have a Primere+ unit (and some two gen 3’s and a gen 2). Only the gen 2 won’t stream and my 3 is just inside the version number what will work with their app. Just a warning though. There is some “delay” from when you select a channel to when it appears on the screen. “Surfing” channels is kinda painful but it works. So does the on demand. I’m getting one of these to replace the gen 2 in my basement/home theater. I decided to pay the extra 15 bucks (that includes what I save on shipping) and buying a new one off amazon. I’m sure there will be “black friday” deals but for this model, you might not see one.
Mother ship 84 bucks

Just remember, rumor says once Comcast is happy with the app, it could cost you $2.50 a month for EACH device registered to use the app. Right now, it’s too slow but at least you get access to your dvr, on demand, etc… Just putting that out there.

Yes and it seems the 6th dropped Optical output, less memory (thats why they REALLY want you to stick a micro sd card in the device for channel storage. Other then that, not much difference that’s noticeable.

I went around and put some older micro sd cards (8gb) in 3 of my units. Have not noticed any gains by doing so. They are still fast (except the Xfinity app’s channel surfing is slow)

I have an HD tv upstairs with free tv only.
Can I use this device to connect my TV to the internet down stairs using WIFI?

Why not? Roku’s is the poor mans “smart tv” box. Think of it like the OLD cable boxes. You put your tv on “channel 3” and let your box do all the work. In this case, the device connects via HDMI to your tv’s HDMI port (these do not have coax connections) and select HDMI 1 or whatever port your roku is plugged into, and using your roku remote, load up any channel/app you installed on your roku. Comcast/Xfinity has an app that turns the roku into a Set Top Box (STB) and is in beta. Works fine just a little slow.

The biggest difference is that this has an Ethernet (Wired) network connection port. If you’re doing 4K streaming, wireless just isn’t going to cut it because 4K takes much more bandwidth than 1080p. If anyone else is on your wireless home network doing just about anything at all when you’re trying to stream 4K over the same wireless connection you are going to have issues.

If you’re not doing 4K then less of an issue. I always get Ethernet ports on my streaming devices so I’m not overcrowding my local home wireless network. 1GB Ethernet in the house handles it all. Wireless, not so much. :slight_smile:

I have the Roku 3 on our upstairs TV, which is also connected to Xfinity. The downstairs is a SmartTV (Samsung).

Wonder if I should get this and use the Xfinity App to make both TVs Set Top Boxes?

Gen 5 Ultra/Premier + both have Ethernet. Gen 6 only the ULTRA has a ethernet connection. For my 4k setup, 802.11AC 5GHZ band works fine. Granted, I’m only 1 wall/room away from the router. I do have 2 gen 3’s (basement and 2nd floor) using 5ghz but neither TV are 4k. Have you trieda electrical LAN adapter.

I use one in my basement as a backup and I have a blue ray player

I have the app on 3 of my rokus. Making it a STB works, but be warned, surfing and access to a channel is slow. Remember, it’s in beta and when it goes live, looks like they will want to charge us $2.50 EACH box to use YOUR equipment, per month.

Just make sure you GEN 3 is compatible. Not all Gen 3’s work with the app.

And FWIW, I have a total of 7 rokus. Everything from a Gen2 LT to a Gen5 Premier +. 2 are refurb’s (purchased that way). I’ve NEVER had any issues with any of them as far as failures go. I’ve had to reboot a couple of the devices over time (I leave them on 24/7) for being locked up but they have been trusty.