Roku Ultra & Roku Streaming Stick+ Bundle

Roku Ultra & Roku Streaming Stick+ Bundle

Purple screen of death is an issue for the stick if you go above 1080p. Roku’s fix is to get a better HDMI cable. The stick doesn’t use a cable.

HDCP 2.2 compliance has been a headache for a lot of Roku customers. I ended up purchasing a $20 HDMI cable to get my Roku Ultra to be compliant. Roku should include an HDCP 2.2 HDMI cable with their devices.

Ultra is currently $83 at the mothership. I don’t have access to camel^3, it being down right now, but my order history confirms that Ultras were $73 in mid-December, and I believe the offer that I bit at was 20% back (in addition to the usual 5%) if you were an Amazon Visa holder, making the final price below $60. Two for $120. NEW. That makes this 17% off for refurbished, with the added bonus that you get the Streaming Stick+ instead of the Ultra. Mothership has the Stick+ $24 cheaper. Hard to pin down quite how bad this deal is, but pretty bad, especially with refurbs.

That said: the Roku Ultra itself is amazing, much better and punchier than my Samsung smart TV interface. Also, keep in mind that if you get the Ultra, you need to supply your own HDMI cable.


I have 2 older Ultra’s, 1 Roku 4 and 2 Gen two’s and 2 Gen 2 XS’s. For what I use them for, they all do pretty much the same thing. The Gen 4’s are much faster in loading, etc, but I’ve added a 16gb micro sd card to each to help with channel loads and what not. I got 2 of my ultra’s around $80 when they were on sale at the local military base. The 3rd is refurbed (from woot) and think it was around 70.

I’ve also purchased a couple other Gen 4’s for one kid in college and one who lives in her own apartment.

No complaints from anyone and as someone else said, I like the interface better then my Samsung (2) smart TV. At the home theater level, they are used to watch streaming services and accessing my home media NAS boxes. I run ALL but the gen 2’s run on 5ghz wifi except the home theater ultra which I have on it’s own LAN drop. The only time I’ve had “freezes” is when I’ve left the device plugged in (power) for a couple months without using it. Went to use it and it was stuck on the home screen. Unplugging and rebooting brought it back to life but IMO, the Gen3’s were way more stable. Sometimes I notice a little slowness in downloading content (the little progress bar creeps across the screen) even though my WiFi app on my phone shows I have over a 57dBm signal which is pretty good considering where the router is vs the roku.

I’d like to see roku come out with a brick that allows plugging a OTA antenna into it. And it would be nice to be able to plug a external HDD/SDD to the usb port and turn it into a DVR. Understanding there are devices out there already that can do this but if I can plug a drive into it now (I like using a USB thumb drive since the power draw isn’t as bad) and watch movies off the drive, why not make it where I can record to it too? Understanding copyright and all, putting a 2+ tuner ability and a OTA external antenna connection would really make a nice little package. But till they work out some add ons, I doubt I’ll upgrade to anything other then what I got. And if they start pulling an “Apple” and make it where it starts loosing functionality and incompatibility with current apps, I’ll start moving to a different platform.

You can get a brand new Roku Ultra 4660 bundle for $99.99 or less all day long. The streaming stick new is around $50 bucks. To me this deal isn’t very good. Is it worth $50 more for new equipment instead of refurbished? Your call.

Actually, you CAN use a cable with the stick, but it’s not a total solution for higher resolution issues. Roku will send you a short HDMI cable for free if you are having connectivity issues with your stick (they did for me) because of a weak wi-fi signal wherever the stick is located, which will help improve your ability to stream higher resolution signals - but only so much.

There have been complaints concerning Roku’s compatibility with certain versions of HDMI/HDCP and also with low-bandwidth wi-fi providing the ultra-high definition pictures some folks are expecting. While you might not be able to do anything with your HDMI connection, if you are having issues with going above 1080p then you might want to check your wi-fi signal strength and speed and see if that may be holding you back (especially if your wi-fi is pretty busy). It takes a LOT to push 4k through your average/typical/older home wi-fi set-up, and there are a lot of chokepoints.

Both remotes included with deal will give off IR commands for the Roku, if the its not paired with roku, or if the roku it is paired with is unplugged from the power. Useless when it comes to the Stick+, but can be helpful programming an universal remote to control your Ultra roku. So its wifi only when the roku is plugged in, unplugged its IR only.

For the stick, isn’t the IR just to control TV functions?

Yes, but this probably mistaken side effect of controlling tv by IR, it controls rokus, ones that can accept IR commands, too. Its never been advertised as having this feature, but its there. This only goes for roku remotes with a power key.

Roke got woke, let them go broke.