Roku XD 1080p Streaming Player

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Roku XD 1080p Streaming Player
$49.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Would this look good on my 720p TV or not really because its 1080p?

I have said it before, I’ll say it again. This thing can be a life saver if you’re going on vacation to a place that has wifi. No more In-room movies for 10 dollars.

Not too keen on the baseball restrictions though, I don’t know if they let up on them a little bit this year.

I’ve bought two for my parents and they love them. Netflix is one of their little joys and my dad loves blaring Pandora on their TV. And on another note, my parents aren’t very tech savvy and were easily able to set them up.

I have been looking to grab a Roku for awhile now. This version is going for over $30 more on Amazon for a new unit.

I thinK I will try out this woot!

Here’s the product comparison chart from Roku’s support site.

i would say this is a poor deal from woot right now, this is the old Roku model, the newer models go for a little more and would be a more worthy investment.

I used this on my 720p TV and it looked just fine.

I bought a new (refurb) one today because I lent my Roku to my dad and can’t seem to get it back!

What are the little blue Roku tab things hanging off the box and the remote? Are they fabric tags like on the back of clothing? Are they plastic tabs? Are they removable?

The one on the remote in particular looks like it would get in the way of use.


Here’s the previous woot for the current offering.

Is the little blue tag with “ROFU” on it supposed to stay on it? It looks like one of those tags that you have to pull on a product to make something work. I’m afraid my kids would tug on it and break it off. Is it important?

Quick Setup Guide:

Tabs…yes…no…no…and how exactly do you hold your remote? lol. It doesn’t get in the way of use at all, unless of course it makes you hold the remote backwards because you are mesmerized by the pretty purple fabric tag…

Don’t do it.

Have exact one and it works, but it is buggy to setup. It is very picky about WIFI key specs, band, ect.

If you do order one of these two things worked for me.
1-Key is less then 32 characters long.
2-B worked better than G.

I bought this the last time it came up on Woot. I’ve been completely happy with it.

The Roku2 HD is $78.00 on Amazon, but other than one more button on the remote, and the need to purchase a separate cable if you’re installing on a non-HD system (vacation, hotel, etc.), the specs seem identical.

Highly recommended!

This isn’t a particularly great deal, but its 1080p for $30 less than the current generation. If you have a TV that’s more than a few years old, this is the model you want. The newer ones don’t have composite video out.

FWIW…BIG Roku fan…got 3 of mine here…helped me ditch Comcast and I couldn’t have been happier. Everything you need is available there and CHEAP!