Roku XD 1080p Streaming Player

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Roku XD 1080p Streaming Player
$49.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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CNET reviews:

Good price on these first gen players, does everything the 2nd gen xd does for 20 or 30 dollars less. You can do anything but play angry birds.

I love my roku box, I haven’t paid for cable in over 6 months and I don’t miss it at all!

As always, this is great to take to hotels that have free wi-fi. Provides plenty of entertainment at no extra cost.

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4 stars average on Amazon 1086 customer reviews.

I like the number of reviewers that reviewed 5 stars… Worries me about how many only did 1 star though.

I have the 720p model… it freezes all the time on Hulu…

Woot, if you really want me to buy more roku crap, i’ll tell you how.

I’ve got 4 roku’s. I don’t need any more boxes. But i’d kill for some extra remotes.

If they’re cheaper than the ten dollar ones from roku, i’d be in for three. I might even make my wife get an account to pick up 4 or 5, for when the kids destroy them.

Roku 2 for just 20 more on the Amazon

$69.99 Free Shipping for those in their prime

If you have an android phone there is some nice apps… i use it because i’ve lost my remote. theres also a nice chrome app as well for your web browser

Is it me, or is the write up a little, off? Since when is WoW on console, or am I missing something?

Problem is that with everyone bringing their wi-fi devices, you’re lucky to get the bandwidth you need to watch streaming services. At least that’s my experience with public/hotel wi-fi.

These Roku boxes are great but if you plan to use it for HBO GO streaming make sure your HBO provider allows access on Roku. Comcast / Xfinity and many of the other cable providers block HBO GO access on Roku boxes. I think most satalite companies do not block it.

I got this during the last Woot-Off and I am 95% satisfied. I seriously love this thing, for $49 you can’t lose. The 5% of dissatisfaction is only because there is no YouTube channel, but I don’t miss it much.

Note that with the current models, you must buy the $99 top-of-the-line model to get the Ethernet port, which I really wanted. This half-price Woot has that. And if you buy one, look on the Web for lists of private channels that you can add.

I should have bought more than one because it’s cheap enough to be a gift. In fact since this is the same price as the woot-off I think I will load up.

I this exact version for Mom last Mother’s day and it has been her primary source of TV entertainment since. I asked her about updated it to a newer model for this Mom’s day, she said it was fine the way it was.

I know three other Mom’s that have a Roku and they all love it. Very easy to use for those technically challenged.

While it would arrive a bit late, would still make an excellent late Mother’s day gift. As part of their Mom’s day gift, help them setup a Picasa web album to use as the Roku screensaver. Put their kids/grandkids on it and they will be in heaven!

Same here, CowboyDann is a lucky man…the last few hotels I was in had such slow bandwidth that I don’t think a high quality stream would work. And when I say slow I mean I also plugged directly into the room’s Ethernet port and did a speed test on that. I’m thinking a lot of hotels just cap the bandwidth of each user.

Customer service is… pretty bad.

I’ve had my Roku for a over a year and used it mostly for Netflix. Netflix is kind of silly and won’t let you deactivate one device, so when I wanted to deactivate a single one I had to deactivate them all. Okay, Netflix, you’re crazy, but whatever. So I figured I would just reactivate my Roku. Easy, right?


It’s been a month and customer service is just messing with me at this point, I think. A bunch of emails and two phone calls later and it’s still not working, and despite a promise saying they’d get back to me with a solution via email, the only email I’ve gotten is an email saying “if your issue is still persisting, feel free to email us!” So much for getting back to me with that solution!

Long story short: works great until it doesn’t, and then you’re screwed.

try it on the netflix end… there customer service has always been helpful to me.

Not a bad idea. Roku admitted via email that the problem was on their (Roku’s) end, but I seem to be getting nowhere with them so Netflix might be worth a shot.

I knew adding to my bookmarks was an effective shortcut.