Roku XD 1080p Streaming Player



Woot you’re back! I missed you!

Anways, A Roku Box made it so easy for me to drop cable. I’m now spending 8 dollars a month for Netflix and a little under $7 a month for Amazon Prime streaming. I also enjoy watching what nasa has to offer along with TED TV. There are a lot of good free stations and A Super Secret Woot Channel!

It’s so nice to be able to take all my movies and play them on the TV without a problem at friends homes. Definitely would be in for one more if I didnt already have 2.


An almost 5 hour wait to finally check in and see… a Roku. Woot must have gotten like 10,000 of these things and can’t get rid of them or something.


Yes, I’m working, and yes, I have the solution to your servers:

and for what it’s worth, seems like sellout is still down–at least I can’t connect to it.


Welcome back! FYI: this outage was caused by severe storms in the NE that took out the Amazon Web Services (AWS aka Cloud) and affected many websites such as NetFlix, Pinterest, Skype, and more.



And Dyson, just sayin’.


And people wonder where the soft underbelly of our national security is?

Oh, in case anyone doesn’t believe that woot has sold rokus before, here’s the last non-woot-off woot, I believe (>100 comments):


Jokes on you, Deals.woot was working just fine and we were able to see all of today’s woots 5 hours before you.

Just another perk of being a coloured triangle I suppose!


Welcome back Woot! Can I have one of those cameras from last night? Couldn’t get one in that last hour there…


so, how well will one of these work for acquiring US-based content while in Europe without a vpn?


If I remember correctly they bought about 16,000 of those cameras, and they weren’t direct ship. Woot is actually keeping them at their warehouses. (at first I thought it was a dumb Idea but they must have got a hell of a price on them. Also, it really wasn’t so dumb because I think they’ve already sold over half of them in under three months)

Basically what I’m trying to say is keep your eyes peeled, they’ll be back before the end of july. I guarantee it.


I’m afraid that if I try to buy this, it’ll crash the server…


If this was the XD/S…it’ll be sold out in a snap!




i am thinking of buying one of these but not sure how it would help get rid of my cable if you have to have subrscriptions, any advice?


I agree… Now watch, tomorrow will be another vacuum cleaner. Just shoot me now.


More servers! Less crap! More servers! Less crap! I think its fair to say this feels more like an alpha test than a beta test.


Well that explains why my netflix stopped working about 1030 CDT last night.


Refurb 2XD straight from Roku for 59.99 free shipping.


There are a lot of different Roku models. Here’s a comparison of all the features of all the different versions: