Roku2 XD Streaming Player w/Bonus Remote

Is the bonus remote the non-IR remote? (I forget whether it’s RF or bluetooth.)

And just as importantly, is the Roku2 XD capable of utilizing this (hopefully) non-IR capability? That is, does this require line of sight for the remote?

Thanks for answering!

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We have this Roku and each of these remotes. The game remote burns through batteries pretty quickly, but not terribly. The Roku itself is a tiny bit glitchy - sometimes it will reset itself - but it hasn’t interrupted a show/movie.

The channels for Roku are pretty decent, if you want to watch stuff on a specific channel that’s not set up directly - you can use Plex. It works with Comedy Central, Youtube, and others.

Well worth the $45.

The game remote doesn’t require line-of-sight. However, it’s fundamentally flawed because the “OK” button is located below the arrow keys instead of in the middle of the arrow keys (unlike every other remote in the universe).

The bonus remote DOES require line-of-sight, and cannot be used for games. But it has a proper “OK” button.

When I bought my Roku 2, it only had the game remote. Roku’s website was out of stock, so I had to buy one for $20 on Amazon. It was L-A-M-E, but totally worth it… Roku’s games are lousy and the game remote is a clunky interface. Don’t buy Roku for the games.

As far as I know, the remotes are forward compatible, except for the gaming function.

HUGE fan of my Roku 2 XD. Does everything I need and I love the fact that not only can I use my phone as a remote, I can stream my music and pictures to it as well. Definitely picking another one up.

Very good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at

Very good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at

Our Nook HDs function as remotes as well - and the speech function works with it! So cool.

Being that it’s meant to be a game controller held in the landscape position, having the “OK” button in the middle of the D-pad would be a disaster.

So, not a flaw.

Normal price is $79.99 w/ free shipping, but it’s $20 off today (and maybe for a while)
I have two older versions for Roku that are no longer sold and the Roku 3 (which has a remote with earphone connection that I’m using as I write this so the TV is quiet for others!).
Cut the cable and use just Hulu Plus and Netflix (@$8 each) with your Roku.
If you are in certain cities, you can watch live TV with Aereo (@$8/month)…it’s new, but available in NY, Boston, Miami, and Atlanta so far.
You can also get international TV via DishWorld with a Roku 2 (or higher)…for extra cost, of course. I use it for Brazilian TV, but it works for Urdu, Vietnamese, and other languages.
I can watch a show on my IPad or TV on either floor and continue with another device…love it.

So I highly recommend the Roku…but you might be able to get an older (yet functional) used one online elsewhere. Or splurge for the Roku 3 ($99.99 w/ free shipping) for the earphone jack and buds.

Nooooooo!!! I just bought 2 of these off amazon yesterday for $56 each. Reviews were great and offers tons of features.

YEAH, not a flaw if you want to use your Roku only for games. Who does that? Obviously it is a big drawback, otherwise why would they be packaging the Roku 2 with an extra normal (non-game) remote?

$45 is a great deal, indeed! I still have a couple of these for other tvs in the house. (mind you, the additional remote wasn’t offered when I got mine). The only thing I wish these (XD model) had would be the addtional USB slot (seperate from the micro SD card memory expansion slot, which IS on this version) for playing my own files (movies, music,et al., offered on the XS model). Just be sure to have a decently fast wifi connection (or directly connect to a reasonably fast broadband internet)!

I bought my first Roku player (1st gen) through woot! (they used to sell them quite frequently)–I loved it so much that I have snagged up a few, everytime they’re offered them, because they really do make great gifts (for family/friends/lovers/ex-lovers/tricks/bosses, you name it :slight_smile: ).

I’m currently have the Roku 3, which is the most recent model. And it is so AWESOME! VERY fast and they have a great remote control feature of a headphone jack. Roku has given me a.) A reason to cancel my cable subscription, b.) A crapload of THINGS to watch that I couldn’t have found on cable, c.) A great new addiction! As far as media streamers go, I’ve tried the Apple TV, NetGear, Google Chrome and a few other embarrassing brands and the Roku player is decidedly HANDS DOWN the leader in this realm. If the category of Roku FANBOYS exists, I am certainly a proud member!

After getting settled with your selection of the standard line-up of Roku-standard offered channels, I highly recommend looking into Roku’s PRIVATE CHANNELS. (These are another vast myriad of channel selections that are not listed in their channel store, only as they have not been reviewed by Roku, yet Roku still allows you to add to your line-up! Various special-interests, web channels, news, foreign, misc/random, porn (yup, that’s right!), etc,…WOOT! even has their own Roku channel! Yes they do!) And if you’re particularly adventerous enough, you can create/design your VERY OWN channel(s) & broadcast them on Roku, or even play around with a few known hacks to your Roku player to really have some fun! (ie-turn your Roku into a DVR also, and, contrary to poplular belief, yes, you CAN get YouTube on the Roku!)

Will my mom be able to figure it out? Mainly for Netflix.

Absolutely. The Netflix UI is very intuitive. Buy it. She’ll love it.

Be sure her TV has the hookups though. I have an older TV that requires RCA cables, and newer Rokus don’t do RCA.

This particular offering has both composite out and HDMI out.

Getting it for mom using Netflix is exactly what I did…and it was with her fighting darn near the entire way. Now, after her watching the second season for Downton Abby (however it’s spelled), I’m now the favorite. We grabbed an over the air antenna and cut the cable bill for her too, viola! she’s saving money and the Roku paid for itself. Now she’s got Hulu Plus and other cool stuff.

Is it mom easy? Heck, it’s mom approved.

I have one of the older Roku’s (bought through Woot), then got a Roku2 on ebay for $89.00. This is a great price and I’ve been wanting to add more to put at my other TV’s. I got rid of cable and use only the Roku (and rabbit ears occasionally). LOVE my Roku!! I pay for HuluPlus ($8/month) and a friend gets Netflix, so we have almost everything we need. I’m definitely in for one at this price!

I have been looking to cut my cable cord for awhile now and jump to just this. But what’s holding me back is can I watch local tv (for news) and live tv?