Roku2 XD Streaming Player w/Bonus Remote

**Item: **Roku2 XD Streaming Player w/Bonus Remote
Price: $44.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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9/16/2013 - $44.99 - 71 comment(s)
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Last time this was on Woot I picked it up because some awesome wooter said that he used his with Plex. I have to say that was some awesome advice. I wirelessly stream my movies, home videos, pictures, and music to my ROKU2 XD. On top of that, you can also load channels on Plex to watch movies from “other sources”. Awesome product for the price.

My fambly and I have about 5 roku boxes total. For me it’s worth it just to get on the big screen. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, TED Talks, NASA are all just gravy at that point.

HUGE fan of my Roku 2 XD. Does everything I need and I love the fact that not only can I use my phone as a remote, I can stream my music and pictures to it as well. compares media streamers


Some great reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at

We purchased this from woot the last time it was on and love ours! Perfect solution for watching Netflix/Hulu on TV. Works great and easy to use.

Let’s watch this unboxing and review [youtube=SQuxBsJCUxw][/youtube]

We have 2 of these in our home. If I had more TVs, I’d need more because the Roku has been nothing but great. In conjunction with Plex (and a little patience converting DVDs) we’ve cleared out SO much space in our living areas, I feel like I was foolish waiting so long.

I thank Woot’s repeated offering of Roku devices, because otherwise I never would have looked deeper to find the Matricom G-Box Midnight 2. Similar features of Roku, but with unlimited Android 4.2.2 apps, 4 USB slots, SD, 8GB, dual core CPU, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube (missing in Roku) etc., and best of all XBMC which if you haven’t seen, view a demo. Disclaimer: IMHO.

Does the bonus Bluetooth gaming remote also have a headphone jack? In the picture it looks like the remote I got with the Roku3, but I cna’t tell if there’s a hole on the side.
With the Bluetooth plus headphone jack, you can listen to your show even when temporarily walking out of the room. And when someone else is sleeping or not wanting to hear noise.
The discount is great, but I won’t pull the trigger without the headphone jack. I think I heard somewhere the Roku2 was going to have it.
Anyone know?

[MOD: This is the Roku 2 game remote. There is no headphone jack.]

Thank you for this post!

My mom recently got a Roku 2 and loves it. She is, however, disappointed with it’s lack of headphone jack.

Check the Roku 3?

It looks like the new ones do but I’m fairly certain this model doesn’t. The only holes I’m seeing on the game remote are the ones for the wrist strap.

I have the same Roku, though mine was bought new. I’m considering buying this for the bedroom, or just upgrading the main TV’s unit to the Roku 3. This in spite of the fact that they have never gotten the Hulu app to work quickly or reliably. It’s a good thing I use Netflix far more, I guess…

Anyway, it’s hard to turn down at this price.

Got this model in a previous sale and there’s definitely no headphone jack.

Can you connect a portable hard drive and stream to the tv from it?

You can get a refurbished one on Amazon for $49.95 (w/free shipping), so no savings after shipping. Oh well.

[MOD: That ones doesn’t come with the extra gaming remote. Oh well.]

If you have an older tv this Roku will work with it via the A/V Cable. However do not expect 1080i conversion.

Also a side note, an important one. When you sign up for a free Roku account, remember the more channels you add, which you have to do on your computer’s browser, the slower the Roku will be. A micro sd card helps, but not much. Be sure the channels you want will be ones you want to keep. Deleting a channel will require you to cancel your subscription to the channel, if you pay for it, and deleting it from your channel line up from the Roku’s channel screen. You cannot do it from the website.

Once you’ve set up your account and added all your channels, you should update your Roku device so it will get all the new channels. (Remember the more channels you add the longer it will take to update and function) Then run the update again to be sure it’s got the latest firmware too.

Another note, the included papers with the device will say you get Angry Birds for free. You get Angry Birds Space, for free. Not the original. Kinda disappointing.