Roles Played in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Walmazan does it again!

I wish Yoda was my Personal Trainer

I totally second that!

Now, do I get to use The Force to convince woot to stuff multiple shirts into my bag before sending it to me?

You have to Jedi mind trick us.

Congrats Walmazan! It’s been a looooooong time since I bought a Woot! Shirt! Great to see a Star Wars Shirt win 1st place! Awesome Job Walmazan!

This is not the shirt I am looking for

I’m working on my Jedi mind trick as I type :wink:

Congrats my friend!!

Although looking at that makes me think of my figures and how I did horrible things to them and they are now worthless. Sigh.

But what fun! I mean Luke HAD to lose his hand.

Congrats! Wences, great design as always!

It’s cute, and i do like it, but Dad’s Office was the Super Star Destroyer and not the Death Star. The Death Star was more Tarkin’s Office.

: )

Needs a kitschy catchy theme song

I like how all you need is a “vest” and lopsided belt to recognize Han. And of course his blaster 'cause he shot first.

[waves hand] These are the shirts you are looking for…

Also, Leia, whatever she was, wasn’t spoiled.

And Han shot [the ordinal that comes before second].

Wait, did someone just try to say something non-controversial about Star Wars on the Internet?

Ok, so apparently you can’t say that on Woot forums…

Why why why does this shirt not have the option of Anvil or AA???

I despise the Anvil shirts and have been waiting for just the right shirt to buy on the AA option, but this one isn’t? :frowning:

Come one! :slight_smile:

Great design, Wences! Congrats on another well deserved win! :slight_smile: