Roll Your Dice

Binky gets a -10? No way!

It would be nice if they had hoodies in 3XL … since they don’t, yet another pass. :frowning:

Oh my god, that write up! Absolutely inspired. I almost peed.

I shall take my chances with this shirt!

Uh uh, today’s design is offered in hoodie format as well. It’s beginning to look like fall is creeping in.

No worries. It’s only a Jersey Zip hoodie.

I blame quantum physics.

Will this tee raise my Charisma level? Does it stack with the hoody and can my class equip it without penalties?

This will be perfect for my pathfinder campaign!

The best part:

Tab Tadatdat rolls 36dd and gets a sugardaddy

The tee does not raise your charisma level. However, it does give you a bonus on reaction checks with gamers.

It can stack with the hoodie if both insignias are visible.

If you are gamer class you, of course, may equip without penalties. However, if you are not a gamer class the treat all reaction bonuses as negative modifiers.

‘Timp Oppenfruit rolls 4d90 and gets a crime-fighting umbrella’

Who doesn’t want a crime-fighting umbrella. And now I want to play D & D.

A long time ago I outgrew the American Apparel WXL shirt and started buying mostly Men’s M shirts.

I know the new Anvil shirts have been around for 2+ years now but I’ve been afraid to wade back into lady-shirt sizes.

I read through a lot of the thread that was created regarding the new sizes and had a hard time finding a solid answer. Does anyone have a good recommendation about what size in the women’s sizes I should buy if I’ve been comfortably wearing a Men’s Medium?

Congrats Letter-Q, amazing work!

Excellent design, Letter Q!

thanx!! love u guys!

I’m going to go out on a limb as a former screen printer and say Anvil men’s medium = Anvil women’s medium. I seem to remember that the width is about the same, but the sleeve shape and maybe length and neck shape are different. But I haven’t compared Woot’s offerings.

Really digging this one- Never enough roleplay shirts!

Writeup made me think of this- [youtube=RFHlJ2voJHY][/youtube]