Rolling on the Forest Floor Laughing

EPIC write-up Woot! A job well done :slight_smile:

I say goodnight…

Well, someone was paying attention…or was it an algorithm…sorry, that should be “what algorithm/staffer” ; )

As to the current shirt, always good when a shirt can also serve as a quiz or a quick reference.

EDIT: Staircase wit informs me ‘what writeup’ would have been a more appropriate question. And I think Narfcake + cats should have been linked somehow. Msybe next time.


(I laughed. So which one of you writers is to blam-, -er, credit for the write up?)

Animal speak.

Giggles off to slumber land. In my oversize Shakespeare primer shirt and pajama pants.

Good show to the one who hides (and scribbles) behind the curtain. I bow to you. :slight_smile:

I feel so honored to be included in this write-up. I can’t stop laughing, though.

I think it’s funny how accurate the write up is, too. It sums up the whole day, in a nutshell.

That was hilarious. And now, my new whole reason for living is going to be to get quoted in a woot! write up!!

And, embarrasingly, you can use my usual question, repeated here “Can someone please explain this beautiful shirt to me?”

They are texting pictures of themselves, using symbols and letters.

Thank you. I thought it was way more obscure than that, lol!!!

And now this lurker wishes she’d participated more in this Shirt-Off XD~ Well, the bundled stuff was cool, and I enjoyed this write-up~

For the record… I did buy it on AA, twice!

Love the write up. Made me laugh.

I’m pretty sure that was ALL the AA items they had available.

And I didn’t go 0-49. If my girlfriend didn’t want anything from the late night detour, it would have been about 0-35, before I finally bought something.
All in all, I did go 6-2313, because I have to count all deigns, thanks to the detours.

Oh, shut up theco2 and go to bed!

I didn’t buy any purple or orange. There were actually several opportunities.

What do you have against orange?


Hey, skemmis! Did you get that Maneater shirt? That’s the answer this write up is missing!