Ron Popeil 5-in-1 Cooking System - Black

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Ron Popeil 5-in-1 Cooking System - Black
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If they threw in a Veg-a-Matic and a Pocket Fisherman, I’d be all over this!

This… looks like a cornballer…


$79.00 on morning
How embarrassing

This is 100% where my mind went when I read this woot.

If you ever have a chance to read about how Ron developed the “Showtime” roaster, you will be amazed. His family started with plastic spatulas sold on the boardwalk on the east coast.

Also, the guy who founded Salton came to the USA after surviving the WWII death camps with ONE valuable postage stamp from his father’s confiscated collection he managed to hide. He sold it and found, like Ron’s family, some goods to sell and ended up with a huge company.

Don’t know much about the current company or products, but entrepreneurs should read up on both these guys.

Thanks for the info!! Just bought it there.

Who knew that Arnold Horshack was a gadget inventor?? EVEN MORE IMPRESSIVE SINCE HE’S DEAD!!!