Ronco White Showtime Compact Rotisserie BBQ Oven

Just Set it, and FORGET IT!

Like I have space in my kitchen for that thing.


Just sell it and forget it!!

i just bought the nuwave oven, so much better!!!

what’s the best way to clean these?

What the hell?

Screaming Deal even if refurb! I love mine!

nothing says quality like the ronco name

OMG! As seen on tv, Set it and Forget it!

It pleases me very much that the VERY FIRST comment is indeed “set it and forget it!”

Does it come with a refurb BBQ chicken?

This makes great prime rib!!!

Popeil. Who was Popeil?

They are huge and bulky…but omg, if you have the room for one…so worth it. They make AWESOME whole chickens lol

A refurb oven? yecch

I was seriouly thinking of getting one of those.

That is a great deal. Too bad I don’t cook…

Anyone know if this is worth it?

EDIT: Nevermind…sold out