Rood en Wit


#2*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race
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is it just curly cues and things?


I have said before. Rikki B’s shirts all look alike.


Gorgeous! I want one!!!


Love it! Wish I didn’t look ridiculous in red, but I might have to get this anyway.


Nice to see a shirt that isn’t brown or asphalt :wink:


very artsy. I dig it.


Kind of ugly; I dont like it.


First cool shirt in awhile, except the design is way too big.


nice description. it was strait to the point


humm, pretty swirls, I like. have coupon, is this what I’m saving it for?

I think this would look better framed on the wall than on me.

Where’s that guy that wants the RED shirt? He’ll like it :wink:


Half enticed and half disgusted


Nice design, but a little too crazy…


yes!!! Rikki :smiley: awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome shirt. Thank you


this had the most basic introduction ever.


All Rikki B. designs are practically the same, it gets kinda tedious after a while.


I like it. I’m not usually a fan of abstract, but this is cool. I can’t justify $15 for it though (curse you, international shipping fee!)


I like the design, just not on red. I never wear the red shirts I already have, so I guess I’ll sit this one out. I do like the design though.


“rood en wit” Biy that’s almost an anagram for red woot tee. Not for me.