RoomMates Peel & Stick Backsplash

RoomMates Peel & Stick Backsplash

How many packs would it take to cover a staircase as shown in photo description? Also, how thick are these “tiles”? Are they actual tiles and wood pieces or just plastic sticker replicas? Are they easy to cut to fit in areas that aren’t a full sheet?


I purchased these (different pattern) for my laundry room walls.
They are thick stickers with 3D texture. Of course they won’t give the exact look of a ceramic, marble, or some other “real” tile job. But for my little laundry room, it serves the purpose.
Make sure you use a level and a sharp utility knife. OVERLAP the “grout” lines rather that butt them together. Will it be perfect…heck no…are corners a 8itch…oh yes (but they are even with real tile).
Walls are typically out of plumb…so what.

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Any idea if these will stick to textured walls? I’d love to use these behind my oven, but don’t want them falling into my dinner while I’m cooking.

They stick great to my slightly textured walls. If you have highly textured walls, you may want to sand them first so the stickers have more to stick to. It took me about two hours to cut and apply about 30 of the sheets. I’ve had them about a month now and they are staying on and looking great. They are also WAY easier to wipe food splatters off of than my painted walls were. A note on the distressed wood chevron, it’s a fairly gray color, not an orangey pink like the picture of the packaged ones look on my screen.