Love the Pizza laptop

Worst roommates ever!

Awesome shirt! Such a typical college dorm experience. The only thing missing is some random people, who are probably, but not definitely, friends with one of your roomies making passionate and noisy love in the corner.

Love the NES controllers.

This sure takes me back to freshman year.

Knew this would print as soon as I saw it listed. Great design.

This is a more likely scenario

  1. Now I’m hungry. 2. Like the mix of personalities/expressions. Definitely the party room.

Congrats buddy! Glad my vote helped :slight_smile:

I like the paranoid looks they all have, like they’re waiting for something to happen.

And how’s Leo doing those crunches with a shell on his back? I think he’s the instigator!

The “ninja school” pennants just puts this over the top for me. I love this design!

Thank you all! This was a really nice and fun derby!:D:D I’m glad this made it, and I’m so happy that you are enjoying the little details on the design :D:D (Lichme that illustration is so gross, but I love it!!!XD)

hahaha, ninja school.

In my undergrad dorm I was totally the nerd working away at my books and computer. Now that I’m in grad school I’m still the nerd working away at my books and computer. I just don’t have to put up with roomies anymore.

Why doesn’t anyone remember how angry and emotional Raphael was?! He is SLEEPING in this design? He would be brooding in a corner, arguing with Leonardo or training instead of sleeping.

Plus, someone missed the opportunity to have a “Mac & Cheese Pizza” Book instead of a Generic Pizza Laptop.

Adorable, and very reminiscent of visiting the GUYS suite across the hall.

Now, where is the version for the GALS . . .

Talking about boys, Listening to music, Putting on makeup, Doing hair . . .

annnnnnnnd bought. 100%

seriously. raph would’ve never let himself turn out like this. he looks like a teenage girl listening to bieber on the bunk bed.

also, i would have actually bought this if it wasn’t on a green background. why does every single tmnt shirt have to be on a green background? except that doughnutello one, although i’m not sure about the red either.

The pizza boxes seem to be floating…

Cowabunga college! Great stuff, told ya it’d print today, Wirdou. :^)

My 5 year old son is going to love this shirt. Hes so into TMNT right now.