Rooster talk. Cluck Cluck



Glad he’s ok! Could have been much worse.

Do you get to take any time off of work for the holidays?



I am a part timer so I get no paid time off, but I did take next week off entirely.

husband & N get some time off, and K is home from college, so I am going to just relax and enjoy family time next week.

K didn’t want me to post pictures of the car online but if anyone wants a shock let me know & I’ll PM it to you.


Enjoy the time off. Catch/Battle some Pokemon and recharge.


I’m finally starting to get excited about Christmas. Today is work, tomorrow is work, Friday is shopping, Saturday is Caturday, Sunday I make the potato salad, Monday is Christmas on my dad’s side, Christmas, recovery, etc. This month is going so fast. Then it’s suckville until the greenhouses open. I need some kind of winter hobby.

I hope K understands accidents happen. Sometimes it’s your fault, sometimes it’s their fault, sometimes the stars align and it’s a no fault, and then there’s deer. I’m pretty sure at some point we will all hit a deer. It’s inevitable. The point is to not lose your nerve and shake it off.


This. It’s easy to get caught up in the blame game. Remember what’s important. Cars can be replaced no matter how difficult.

But those damn deer. I bagged my first (and hopefully last) deer back in 2006 with my double aught. '00 Civic that is… Good times.




I told him multiple times, cars can be replaced. he can’t. all that matters is that he’s ok. I don’t care about a car. I can get another car. yeah, it’s a pain in the neck to go through all this with the insurance and find a new car but I’m just happy to still have my kid.


I’ll take the shock if the offer is still open!


Is this the new screaming/dancing thread for friends to have fun?


It is our temporary thread, visiting with Wooster! Wooster said it would be OK with him…


Cool beans!

I have pics of Gary Sinise and mixed drinks from the weekend!!!


That’s so cool! I had to look the name up, but he’s a really good actor!!

Sounds FUN!


Lt. Dan!


It was great. The last time we did the Candlelight Processional was in 2002 and we say him on Christmas Eve.

The drinks were from the Hollywood Studios dessert party. I had 7 Gingerbread Martinis (the white one) and Gouda has 8 Black Cherry Bourbon Hot Chocolate. They were yummy. Considering th ticket cost I would say we more than broke even in drinks!!!


Hmmm… That sounds tasty!


Gary Sinise is awesome. It looks like a good time. I don’t drink much but both of those sound delicious.


My sister bagged her first in '06 as well - it jumped over the car that was going to hit it and she was lucky enough to find enough room between her grill and radiator for it to hide.


when we drive through VT I always say I hope I see a moose. this trip I prayed NOT to see one!!


sent you a pm on twitter. easier from my phone