Root System

*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

This is the link you click to buy this shirt after March 5th

Too “Watch it Grow” for me.

Cool shirt for those who like that tree logo company.


like the shirt color but meh, not for me.

too green for me >.>

I like the grass color shirt, but I’m not so sure about the design…

yar, when i saw “root system” pop up on wootalyzer, i was expecting some computer shirt :confused:

Maybe if it were in a different color.

great…a better version of grow lol

Looks like that poor little flower is dying or something. All those roots to get water with, and it still dies?

I know the point of the shirt is the roots, but I’d like it better with less roots and a prettier, healthier-looking flower. l o l

Too similar to watch it grow. Hoping for that mystery shirt boc thing again soon…

Would be better with Dig Dug somewhere on that shirt.

Is the joke the fact that the flower is a weed, so you can’t ever kill it just by pulling it (because of all its roots)?

The flower looks rather sad anyway. At first glance I thought it could be some botanical laser cannon, and the roots were taking energy from the planet.

Or the roots could have spelled something out; nobody would ever know.

Grass green color huh?

On the bright side, even with Smart Post this has the potential of being delivered in time for St. Pat’s Day.

To represent the eternal root system, it should have been a dandelion. But then, who wants an ode to a dandelion?

Is this supposed to be like a weed? I look at those roots and shudder. The flower looks so frail and nearly lifeless but it’s secretly taking over!

Nice job on the shirt. I would have rather seen it with a more vibrant looking flower, but it’s a great shirt design.

I dunno…I too thought I might like it more with a prettier flower. Then I also wondered if the joke was that it was a weed.

i like the idea…just not enough to buy.

good point, that might be the only redeeming factor to this one. Plus I just ordered Anatomy Test the other day so I think i’ll pass.

The derby voters at any rate seem to go crazy for the tree and plant designs…this ought to do well. [Edit: woowoo thanks Mikeymet :)]