Might be the first time I’ll wear a yellow shirt! It’s THAT good :slight_smile:

One of the most beautiful Derby wins that I’ve ever seen on Woot. Congrats,
Ste7en! :slight_smile:

That is one of the nicest compliments ever directed my way. Thank you!

This gives me a warm feeling…like melted butter…yellow, yellow butter.

I’ve never seen a yellow shirt win!

I dare you to try a Cream shirt next time :stuck_out_tongue:

Challenge acce…hey…wait a minute!

Congrats! No doubt in my mind this would place. Fantastic execution.

This is lovely, and were faculty also not forced to wear uniforms, would be one of the shirts I’d wear to work when we cover DNA.

What a beautiful design. Who created this?

The incredible Steven Lefcourt!

Great result. ^___^

Awww, shucks.

When did Woot start charging tax? I’ll have to take that into consideration before my next order. It’s always been a battle between buying at a store and paying tax, or on the net and paying shipping. If I have to pay both that will make a difference.

Just so you know (in the U.S.) you’re legally required to pay tax online whether you’re charged for it or not.

If Woot’s parent company Amazon has presence in your state, then legally Woot has to charge sales tax.

BTW, on your tax return, most states have a line item for “Use tax.”

I don’t know your state but you can probably google and find the answer. We follow Amazon’s sales tax guidelines so google

Amazon sales tax ‘your state’

about 6 months ago is the 1st time I saw unexpected sales tax with an online purchase. I am in WA state and my purchases for my kids game on the tablet when from .99 cents to $1.09 through the google play store, it was about the same time I started seeing it more consistently on Amazon too :frowning: