Rosé Against the Machine/Ostara Pink (6)

Rosé Against the Machine/Ostara Pink 6-Pack
$59.99 $120.00 50% off List Price
2013 Rosé Against the Machine, Rosé Wine, California
2013 Ostara Rosé, California
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This needs info - what grapes, which method, what’s the intended style, is there RS, etc? Rose is such a difficult wine to make well that we need more info!

Well , it just seems to be the[youtube=qzpPy9hJYA8][/youtube]
we don’t get all the details we we’re used to and desire.

I do rather like the labels however.

I opened the Ostara up last thursday night and really thought the label was interesting and the color was intense for a rose.
I pulled the foil and bummer there’s cork seepage, pulled the cork and its wet all the way through. So this bottle either had a bad cork or visited the fedex office in Arizona before getting to me.

So these notes are for a flawed bottle,

The color is deep pink almost orange in certain light. The wine is clear and free of sediment.
The nose is very muted right out of the fridge but once it warmed up I got red apple, strawberry and tart red fruit.

On the tongue it comes across as dry with maybe a tiny bit of sweetness. The body is light like a white wine with nice crisp acidity. There are no tannins to speak of. And the wine appeared to be balanced.
As it warmed it became more intense with bigger tart red fruit, the finish was extremely bitter which leads me to believe the wine was somehow cooked. Its not hot here right now some im not sure how this would happen. The tartness may have nothing to do with the spoiled bottle and more drinking temp. I let it warm a bit because the nose was so closed but found as I got it warmer it became too tart for my liking. The closed nose could also be a product of the spoiled bottle and would be interested to read anyone else’s notes.

I liked the wine aside from the finish and feel its a solid rose at the price. I would be happy paying $11-12 a bottle delivered on this.
In the pics below the top of the cork is pointing towards the glass.

I had a bottle of Rose AgainstThe Machine so I opened it up this afternoon. I first tried it out of the fridge like I would probably have a rose during the summer. It is crisp and definitely a dry rose, I didn’t detect much if any sweetness. I did let it warm a bit and it opened up more, still dry, maybe with just a touch of sweet when it hits the tip of your tongue. It proceeded with a tart strawberry flavor that grabs the sides of your tongue and dries it out. The alcohol is a bit high and present in the taste, but does blow off a bit with air. This would have been a nice summer wine but would work well with up coming holiday foods. I tasted with an omelet, aged cheddar and some crusty bread. I’m going to save the rest to serve with some tapas tonight. If early enough I’ll check back. So far, this half of the offer is worth the $10 a bottle.

I really wish these wines had a little more info. The back label of the Ostara gave no useful info, the offer specs page gives no info. I would like to know at least what the varietals used were to create the roses. How about at least some acid specs.

If I had to guess at the Ostara, I would guess Syrah/grenache since it was so high toned. But I really have no idea.

These are the things that kill sales guys.

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