Rosalyn metal Bed (3 Sizes)

If I order today, what is the earliest date I might receive it? There is a chance I will not be here next week… Is it possible to arrange for shipping the following week? I don’t want miss out on this by trying to time the order based on the shipping schedule.

It will ship out in 3-5 business days. Then allow time for transit.

We do not have the ability to delay shipment. I’m sorry.

Maybe ship to a friend or family member?

Not possible with two beds in the order. I’m in a new apartment in a new city; even if I knew someone here, I’d have no way to pick it up myself and get it to MY place.

I did NOT see your response until now, and so ended up placing the order a couple of hours ago because I did not want to have these beds go out of stock. (I’ve done that too many times with Woot. So now I have the reverse problem; go figure.)

Who is the shipper on this? UPS? Or some freight outfit?

It can depend on the particular vendor and whatnot.

You can email into and inquire.