Wear this shirt during a wet t-shirt contest and over time the rosebud will bloom.

This is way cooler than a sled.

spoiler alert: this shirt is a sled!

I can barely see this, at least on my screen.

Someone took my heart and replaced it with a rosebud. This seems like my last visit to Mexico.

Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme?

This is gorgeous.

Not sure Orson Welles would ever have thought that a t-shirt would have been inspired by his classic movie Citizen Kane. But also he was a big guy when he died and probably couldn’t have fit in the t-shirt either.

Congrats on winning.

I wasn’t too thrilled with this piece. the roses seemed too vectored and the bud itself is missing detail. As it is, when I first saw it, I wondered what ‘rosebud’ had to do with a shield.

If only I could find my Rosebud…it’s supposed to snow here tomorrow.

I do hope this prints well.

It has inspired me to listen to the epic anthem “Dozen Roses” by R. Carrington.

I suppose every one of these shirts has its’ thorn, yeeeeahhh.

What am I missing?

I still don’t see a movie quote. Citizen Kane? Doctor Who?

I’d buy this in a heartbeat if it weren’t for the little red drip towards the bottom. It looks unintentional… Or maybe I’m just nitpicking. Bah! Decisions, decisions.

EDIT: Caved and hit the big gold button. Either the picture’s wrong and there’ll be no red drip or I’ll just Sharpie over it if it bothers me enough. Good night, everyone.

Citizen Kane. It took me forever to get the Doctor Who reference but then it became obvious, it’d be a reminder of Rose.

If you want a fun research project, figure out where the word “Rosebud” used in Citizen Kane REALLY came from.

You shouldn’t wear it around the Tenth Doctor, but you could wear it around his half human clone living in a parallel dimension…

Wait… what?

Tenth doctor didnt suffer as much survivors guilt as the 9th! Throwin that one out there

Whoa! Spoilers!