AFI’s 100 Years…100 Movies

Citizen Kane was rated the top movie of all time.

…one of the few movies that’s obviously better in black-and-white.

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Now, Citizen Kane I have seen. They made us watch it in animation class. Why you ask? Because it is lauded as the most visually perfect film of all time. Each frame can literally be taken as a stand alone piece of art, with perfect balance and lighting.

I also fell asleep during the whole middle part… But I did see the end… :slight_smile:

Congrats, Kdeuce!

Meh, the artsy shirts are getting a bit old. Can we have nerdy and funny shirts again please?

It’s reminding me a lot of a female body part.

The artwork reminds me of a Disney movie…maybe Beauty and the Beast? Or was it Sleeping Beauty? I feel a lot of nostalgia, good job.

[spoiler] It was his sled. It was his sled from when he was a kid. There, I just saved you two long, boobless hours. [/spoiler]

gracias! : ]

It’s not hard to find: Rosebud

Supposedly, Hearst was infuriated by its inclusion in the film.

you’re instructors must not have seen “The Room”, the only movie I know of that was shot on both 35mm and digital. Now that, my friend, is a true masterpiece.

“It’s a sled. It was a sled from when he was a boy. There, I just saved you two long, boobless hours.”

Aside from the fact that it’s generally considered mean to post a spoiler, that’s like saying that there’s no point in watching Titanic if I tell you that the ship sinks.

Oops - was that a spoiler? :wink:

edit: and Bandrik had a pic.

I dont get it

Added tags.

The red rose represents communism, and the bud represents marijuana. The message is that, now that communism has fallen in Russia, people shouldn’t use drugs in Red Square.

There have been a ton of references to “Rosebud” in pop culture. I recall a Peanuts strip in which Lucy infuriates Linus by revealing the spoiler.

Some folks think there should be a statute of limitations on spoilers (it’s a 1941 movie), so don’t take my comment personally. Still, some folks haven’t see the movie yet, so why risk spoiling it for them?

edit: I found the text of the Peanuts strip (I love the internet):

The 12/9/73 Sunday strip is one of my all-time favorites. In it, Linus is watching TV as Lucy enters the room.

Lucy: What are you watching?

Linus: “Citizen Kane.”

Lucy: I’ve seen it about ten times.

Linus: (intent on the film) This is the first time I’ve ever seen it…

Lucy: (exiting) [spoiler here]!

Linus: AAUGH!!

sleeping on it, but probably a buy. i like AA black shirts and i haven’t bought one in a while. this also happens to be the sort of design i’m into. great work

[Warning: Spoiler alert!]

There once was a mogul named Kane
Whose career nearly drove him insane.
He laid on his deathbed
And his childhood sled*
Was the last thing that went through his brain.

*(named Rosebud)

Although I’d buy Nightghost’s explanation too.

I seem to be the only one who is concerned about how visible this design will be.

If I met a girl wearing this shirt, I’d have to get very close to her roses to make it out…

cool shirt - wrong market. call me next halloween.