Rosetta Stone & Tell Me More: Learn It Up

Can you access the 12-Month Online version from both Windows PC and Mac?

Yes. For the Mac, specifically, from the system requirements page for TOTALe (this online version):

Mac (Intel based only): Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion (OS X 10.6 or higher)

Also, from the Rosetta Stone site, it looks like their traditional disc-based programs are on sale, too.

Is this the Latin American Spanish version or the Spain Spanish version?

I also want to know this!

The warranty for the Tell Me More German says “30 day Rosetta Stone.” What is the actual warranty?


Spanish says platform is Windows Vista, 2000, XP
will it work if I have Windows 7 or 8?

Hi- Katie here from Rosetta Stone. The Tell Me More software will teach you Spanish Spain (Castilian). The Rosetta Stone 12 Month Online Access will give you the option to choose between Spanish Latin American and Spanish Spain to learn.

Hello- good question! Tell Me More is based on Spanish Spain (Castilian). The Rosetta Stone 12 Month Online Access has the option of either Spanish Latin American or Spanish Spain- whichever you choose.

Hi! Yes, the Tell Me More software will work on Windows 7 and 8.

excellent prices compared to amazon.
I have enough trouble with english though.

If Chinese was available I’d buy

Chinese is available with the Rosetta online package.

A good deal for breaking language barriers, literally. I would get the Rosetta only if I had the time right now, maybe in 6 months. I request Woot give me a rain check until then, please…

Can the Rosetta rep tell us the time limit (starting from the date of purchase) that we have to activate the 12 month online access? If we buy it today, could we wait a couple months to start our 12 month access? (I too am interested right now, but am very busy until the end of spring)


I reckon if you’re standing in front of the Eiffel tower, it’s a bit too late to be learning French or English.

Sure thing- you have 6 months from the date of purchase to redeem and set up your subscription. What language are you interested in?

Hi- you have six months from the date of purchase to redeem the subscription.

Thank you! I plan on doing Japanese. Great to know I can wait a few months before I start.