Rosetta Stone Levels 1-2: (Your Choice)

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Rosetta Stone Levels 1-2: (Your Choice)
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Rosetta Stoner is a nice product but I prefer Rocket Languages. I have tried Rosetta and Pimsleur and Rocket and in my opinion Rocket is the best but whatever works for you is the best choice.

You can go to Rosetta Stone right now and try it with a demo… haven’t tried the demo personally as I have the real thing. Scroll to the bottom for the demo.

I keep hearing conflicting information about whether Rosetta Stone will run on Linux. Does anyone know if this can be used on Gentoo or Debian?

I just want to say if you go shopping for different alternatives for language learning, be very cautious with
“the pimsleur approach”

I consider myself pretty savvy at avoiding scams but one misread of the fine print cost me over 600 bucks I didn’t mean to spend. They keep sending you different versions, I though I paid for all versions on the first order.

If you decide to try the pimsleur method, go straight to

The pimsleur approach is the scam company.

I played with this for an hour once… years ago… and some of the stuff still stuck years later.

I’m going to say it works LOL

The mother ship seems to sell mostly Rosetta Stone level 1-3 packs. I couldn’t find any “just level 3” offered there. So what do you do if you go through this offer (levels 1, 2) and then want to keep going to levels 3, 4, 5? Even the product page seems to only offer packages as level 1, levels 1-3, or levels 1-5.

I contacted Rosetta Stone and asked about level 3,4,5. Was sent a link to prices…they are $179 for each level download. No CD option. Also right now you can get online subscription for $169 for 6 mos, $199 12 mos, $249 3 year.

not to undercut woot but right now you can get all five levels for $219 direct from Rosetta. So if you are at all serious about Rosetta and a language, I would pony up the extra $90 now.

Personally, I have never wanted to spend the money on Rosetta.

I have to agree with Winona on getting the whole package direct, plus if you buy it from Amazon or anyone else Rosetta seems fussy about support/licensing.
I do have to say when I go to Rosetta is comes up $250 for 1-5, same as Amazon.

Hello! We are not currently compatible on Linux. You can view our full system requirements here: Hope this helps!

Good question! If you have completed your set and would like to continue studying, we offer single levels for purchase on our website: us know if you have any additional questions!

We like to hear that! Which language did you try out?

One thing that should be noted is that if you purchase Rosetta software, install/register it, and then decide you don’t like it, or you simply don’t have the time to learn a language, you cannot transfer it to someone else.

Any way we can purchase Japanese with this? It is not listed.

Thanks for reaching out! Users are able to deactivate the program in order to gift it to another if they wish. We provide deactivation instructions here: I hope this helps!

Hello! It looks like Japanese is not currently included in this deal. Check back for updates, or view our website for more info on our Japanese program. Thanks!

How do the introductory levels 1-2 compare to the free site ?

I figured that starting out from scratch with any language would be the same. You learn words and hear conversations and try to mimic and learn/adapt to what is going on.

Hi! We do not have a direct comparison. However, you can learn more about what is taught in each level here: Hope this helps!