Rosetta Stone Levels 1-4: (Your Choice)

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Rosetta Stone Levels 1-4: (Your Choice)
Price: $179.99
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I got the French 1 year subscription from Woot when it was offered a couple years ago. Be prepared to learn in a way that is nothing like a high school class since it is by the immersion method and doesn’t rely on conjugating verbs, vocabulary, etc. I found it very helpful in preparing me for my vacation through France and recommend it highly. And I found it to be fun. Just don’t expect it to be a magic language pill because you have to work at it.

Something cool.

Look at the Rosetta Stone site. Levels 1-5 are on sale for $179 and there’s a money back guarantee.

Thanks for the tip. I know no one at woot! Is going to be thrilled with it but it does solve my problem that I wanted languages not offered here…

It’s showing $199 for me.

Rosetta Stone is akin to an exercise machine purchase. Lot’s of front-end excitement, but few complete Level 2, and a fraction of those go on to Level 3. Level 4 could be a blank disc and no one would know.

Nice program, but the target market doesn’t have the focus to stay engaged through it all. Save your money for woot wine.

The price directly from Rosetta Stone depends on the language. Languages with 5 levels are $199; those with only 4 (for example, Korean) are $179.

I’ve been using Duolingo for the past few weeks and found it to be very good. I’ve been considering Rosetta Stone as a supplement to that. Anyone used both and can provide any comparisons?

I also am using Duolingo after having used Rosetta Stone 2 years ago. I found that I had more retention with RS since Duolingo is primarily text based.

Pimsleur courses have kept me company for years on my hour long commutes to and from work. I’ve done levels 1-4 of their Italian, Germany, Spanish, and Japanese. All bought used on eBay. Much more expensive, even used. As a previous post mentioned. You have to be willing to stick with it. I speak each well enough to get by, but can read practically nothing in anything but English and Spanish. I suppose I’m now illiterate in several languages.

The features read very much like Pimsleur. Can anyone tell me if their use a similar teaching method?Am wondering if RS also teaches reading?

What version?
and why the requirement for a net connection?
Can’t do this stand-alone when disconnected?!

Can this be used by up to 5 users? Says so on the Road site but I don’t see it anywhere on Woot.

Hi there. This sale has ended. If you bought it, you can check with the information that came with the product or contact Rosetta.

Hi Woot!
Okay, we are somewhat confused here. After creating one Rosetta account and using the activation code that came with this purchase the “My Account” screen at says: “Your subscription expires on 03/28/2016.”

What did I miss here? Nothing in the sales specs mentions a subscription. I bought levels 1-4, not a subscription, right?

Hmmm. I’m not sure. Please email with your order info; CS can check into what’s up.

Just chatted with Rosetta Stone support. Apparently the CDs work forever but any online services require a subscription. Both the woot sales page and the RS box indicate that online services are included. Very deceptive, IMHO.

From the woot! sales page:

Items 1, 2, and 3 are in the box and actually included. Items 4,5,6 are NOT included in this purchase and require a monthly subscription.