Rosetta Stone Levels 1-4: (Your Choice)

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Rosetta Stone Levels 1-4: (Your Choice)
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12/3/2015 - $179.99 - Click To See Discussion (12 comments)

Time to learn all about Rosetta Stone

As a long time RS user I feel like I can speak to their product with some level of authority.

Ive used the entire RS system for:

The good:
They’re a major player in the market and thus, they put out volume and they actually think about user experience. 30 minutes a day and you will progress.

Better than things like

You will learn proper grammar which is important.

your progression is far more about you and your ability to dedicate yourself than it is about the system.

The bad:
They teach you things you’ll never use in real life (why did I learn the word for penguin in all of these languages. I’d rather learn how to read a menu)

They offer no explanations for anything. This is not so much of a problem for the languages being offered here, but with Japanese, I was up S-Creek without a paddle. But even with the above languages, I was skyping my native speaker friends to figure out why a specific rule of speech was being used.

A lot of their education isnt conversational. You wont use half of it. But it does have a secondary motive. it taught you proper grammar which is important.

If you want my honest take on the languages being offered here? go buy fluenz.

Im also a customer of theirs and would recommend 10/10 times.

No other affiliations other than Ive used all of these programs to the max. But if you want to go with a world wide known brand, this is a decent deal. Having been an insider to these things you will not be able to find it cheaper

“It” being specifically Levels 1-4 only, or on a per-level basis?


Rosetta Stone has all for sale on their site for $189 which includes up to level 5. (or $199 depending what link you use) The $189 offer is here.

The link above includes all of their languages, including Hebrew! Looks like there is a $179 option for Hebrew as well.

Yeah, but that’s for the software download. I’d rather have the CD-ROM.

Are you essentially saying that fluenz is better than Rosetta Stone? If so, why?

Actually it is for either. If you click through, it offers three options.