Rosetta Stone Levels 1-4: (Your Choice)

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Rosetta Stone Levels 1-4: (Your Choice)
Price: $169.99
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Best Buy Reviews

Always excited to see Rosetta Stone software at a great sale price!

Always disappointed to see Rosetta Stone sale only offering same boring old languages, none of which I would bother learning!

Rosetta Stone offer levels 1-5 not infrequently on their own website.

Go try for free before paying $170 for these products.

(Sorry, Woot.)

I bought the one year French subscription a couple years back. The immersion program takes a little getting used to but it’s amazing how well one retains the information by associating pictures with words. I’ve used Duolingo and found that it doesn’t work as well so you get what you pay for.

$199 for levels 1-5 at Rosetta Stone’s own website. Which comes to $40 per level, free shipping. Levels 1-4 here for $175 with shipping comes to $43.75 per level.