Rosetta Stone Levels 1-4: (Your Choice)

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Rosetta Stone Levels 1-4: (Your Choice)
Price: $129
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No German? Nein Danke!

From Specs “Includes 3 free months of mobile after signing up”

What is mobile and how much is it after the 3 month trial?

Good morning.

From the vendor:

The mobile application allows you to easily access your online rights from various devices.

In regards to the cost of the mobile, please visit:

Does anyone know what version this is?

It’s the current version.

As far as language learning systems go…how good is Rosetta Stone?

Cant tell if this is Version 3 or Version 4. Can someone clarify ? Need the version number.

I have not being able to successfully
install the program. 1rst, the program keeps asking for Adobe Flash 21 or grater. I have Adobe Flash 25 installed ,but it can not find it.
2nd , All of a sudden when launch the program it keeps coming up with fatal errors . What am I missing ?.

I’m sorry for the problem. Have you contacted Rosetta Stone for assistance with the installation?

If that doesn’t work, please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.