Rosetta Stone Levels 1-4: (Your Choice)

Needs a better language selection.

Not that great of a deal. My Amazon Prime can get an Extra Set for $20 more ($15 after FREE shipping) and only 1 day delivery…

Learn Spanish: Rosetta Stone Spanish (Latin America) - Level 1-5 Set by Rosetta Stone PC/Mac Disc $ 149.00 Prime| FREE One-Day Get it by Tomorrow, Jun 16

If you want 1 day delivery it’ll cost an extra $3.99 for the Spanish option. I’m also an Amazon Prime member and I just checked. Next day delivery for French is $5.99.

If it offered german i would have liked this offer.

Just a general comment; Have you noticed since amazon aquired woot their "deals"on good stuff have decreased and their higher priced offers on crap amazon can’t sell has gone up.

Agreed, you see Rosetta Stone offers everywhere, but this one was one of the better ones. I’d have bit if German were an option. And the lack of deals is spot on.

Can you put these on multiple devices, so the whole family can go at their own pace on their own device?

EDIT: Never mind, I missed it on first glance. Good for two devices.

Except that we have our own buyers. Amazon doesn’t and can’t tell us what to sell. We’re an independent subsidiary.

Anyone know how much time per week or session is recommended for actual results? Could I sit my 7 year old in front of this and would they “get it”?
Thanks for the help if you know.

I think Woot has GREAT buys.I find great quality products all the time.