Rosetta Stone & Tell Me More

Rosetta Stone often goes on sale for 50% off through Livemocha, and is 60% off right now for Levels 1-5. So, this is a decent deal, but not a huge “zomg grab it now so we can learn to say that in German” kind of thing.

Sorry to be a killjoy :frowning:

Any feedback on Tell Me More? How is that different, and is it better than, the standard Rosetta Stone approach?

The Specs say it’s for Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / 2000 / XP but if you check Rosetta Stone’s official site, they don’t sell different sets for Mac and Windows … anyway to find out for sure if this is Mac compatible?

Hello! Our Version 10 Tell Me More software is not compatible on Mac computers. If you are interested in the Rosetta Stone program- it is compatible on both Windows and Mac computers that meet these system requirements: Hope this helps!

It does - thanks! (I probably should’ve been more specific, but I was inquiring about the Rosetta Stone 27890 Swedish - Levels 1-3).

Does anyone know if the Tell Me More is European (Spain) Spanish or Latin American Spanish? I’m looking for Latin American Spanish, not Castillian.

The LiveMocha site took me to the Rosetta stone site, where level 1-3 is on sale for $249. That’s not cheaper than here.

Hola! The Tell Me More program will be Spanish Spain. However, it does come with two introductory discs to Spanish Latin American. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Still not sure why people would spend this kind of money when duolingo is free for a few languages…

I like Duolingo, especially because it’s free, but it has limitations and the way it introduces vocabulary is pretty jagged/disjointed compared to Rosetta Stone. At least it is with Portuguese, which is the one I’ve used.

I’ve been getting LiveMocha’s emails, which is where the deal is. Whoops.

Might also be worth seeing if your local library subscribes to “Mango Languages.” Depending on the package your library bought, you can get A WHOLE LOT of languages for free!

That said, my spouse swears by Rosetta Stone.