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Rosetta Stone: (Your Choice)
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Interactive demo available on the Product Site

Check out the product page for the French set and so-so reviews (2.5 out of 5.0) over at

Review over at PCMAG

If you want a Rosetta Stone-ish experience and prefer free, check out the Duolingo app for you phone/tablet.

If you can’t stand to follow along with books the first two levels are great for getting a very basic grasp on the language. However, there is no escaping the grammar side after learning a couple hundred words, which is not Rosetta Stone’s strongest feature. The grammar is technically correct, but when spoken sounds “weird” to natives. I would highly recommend using a supplementary grammar book along with Rosetta Stone to truly learn. Rosetta Stone’s strongest point is pronunciation. I don’t think there is any better way to get that part down. It also helps a lot with overcoming fear when speaking.

Overall the 2.5 out of 10 is accurate at full price, however at $209 for the set, including a free 5 hours of tutoring for the online version, you really can’t go wrong. This is how I got my start learning Korean, and I’m at an intermediate level now having completed up to level 3 in RS and cherry picking from several books.

this is great for those who have never learned how to get it for free…just saying.

Note to sloppy readers: You do not have to be stoned to use this product. In fact, being stoned while using this will probably make your language skills, ah, uh…I forget.

I’d be all over this if Japanese was offered.

Is there a difference between Spanish (Latin America) and Spanish (Latin American)? Or did I misread that?

Where is the Hebrew version? >.>

They have it, we’re just not selling it. :tongue:

Just learned that one is the 1-2 and the other is the 1-5. They’re working to make it more clear.


Here is some additional info on the dialects of the two:

Our Spanish Latin American teaches dialect that is used by people in Central and South America as well as in Mexico. This is the most useful form of Spanish for people who live in the United States to learn, because this is the dialect of most Spanish-speakers in America.

The Spanish Spain course teaches Castilian (castellano), that most Spanish-speakers in Europe use. Many linguists consider Castilian to be the purest form of Spanish.

The differences between the two dialects occur in spelling, pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. Further differences occur between the accents of speakers within the various areas of the two regions (Spain and Latin America).

Hope this helps!

I got positive compliments on my Mandarin pronunciations in an “immersed” environment after using Rosetta for a month or two beforehand.

I put the lessons on mp3 and ran them repeatedly a couple hours a day while doing housework. After getting a feel for the timing and patterns, it’s great for half-attended learning.

I was curious as to what other languages Rosetta Stone offers, so I checked their website. They have all of the 1-5 on sale right now for $209.00 with no shipping fee or tax. That’s over $20 less than this Woot deal. Is it too late for me to cancel my order Woot?

My mistake. Rosetta did add in tax on their final screen. They are only $6 less than the Woot price.