Rosetta Stone

$20 less than Amazon…

In the many, many years of off-and-on Rosetta Stone sales from retailer to retailer, and from the company themselves, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Japanese or Korean included in a promotion. Ever.

What’s up with that?

Yay! I can finally learn to speak British!!! God save the Queen!!

I know for Japanese at least, that they only have 3 levels of the program. These are all levels 1-5, so maybe that’s the problem? But yeah. Never seem them either.

I’ve seen Japanese Rosetta Stone on sale several times, including here on woot! I’m not sure about Korean, though.


Russian is rarely included as well. Unfortunately I did a trial run and found it very difficult to use. I think if you know some of the language it is difficult to use Rosetta Stone because it does not follow a traditional language learning path. I am interested to try it some more but not for this kind of money- IE never probably will.

Hi- great question! Our Japanese and Korean courses come in 3-level sets. Stay tuned for any new offers on our other programs.

Hello- Our program is based on Dynamic Immersion: To accompany the program, we also offer a Course Contents. That will include the vocab & phrases in each level. Thanks for reaching out!

If only the Latin version was in this sale…

Was a comment deleted? The price was the same at the Rosetta Stone website, making this less of a deal. Now the price on their website is $249, making this a slight deal. I just wonder why the informative comment was deleted…

Actually is still the same price from Rosetta Stone:

It was my comment that was deleted as I just asked why the users link showed the $229.00 price, but when you type it shows as $249.00 (no change in that btw). Not sure why it was deleted? Maybe b/c it was a purchase directly from RS?

So the link to RS is the better deal because of the free shipping and no tax.

Who still ships CD-ROMs?? Why not a USB stick or even better a download? Likewise, why require Windows and Mac? Make it HTML5 and everyone can use it (including us Linux users).

After poking around looking for comparable sites, and going back to Google Finance, an ad appeared for Levels 1-5 @ $229, with FREE shipping (hence $5 cheaper than woot).

Here’s the link I got… not sure it will work for others.


One word: Frustrating

The software is shipped on CDs. Not that they wouldn’t fit on one disk easily. But they chose to have an application disk and a bunch of “level” disks that load sloooowly. I presume having them together might’ve been too customer friendly.

Prepare for major frustration trying to connect to their servers that perform activation and provide content. Empty screens and bad links galore.

I figured out what RS has done: they have made a piece of software that simulates the Internet “experience” of the 90’s. An “impressive” achievement.