Roshambo Trio

Roshambo Trio (hyperlink to winery)
$39.99 + $7.00 shipping
condition: Red and White
1 Roshambo 2005 Merlot “Rock, Paper, Scissors” No CT info for this vintage
1 Roshambo 2005 Carignane “The Rat” CT Rating: 87. CT Price: $20
1 Roshambo 2004 Chardonnay "Imago"CT Rating: 88. CT Price: $13

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Nice Guess by whomever guessed Roshambo!

(…and my string of guessing wrong continues!!)

Carignane is made out of what type of grape? is it sweet?

Yep, here it is: the winery!


wow. still no first sucker?

oshambo Trio
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WoHoo! Sorry mill!

Carignane would be made out of carignane.


Congratulations Conroo - you beat Mill!

Carignane is a grape unto itself.

Interesting, I’ve never heard of these guys before, but I did just buy a new wine cooler and could use a few more bottles to fill her up.

Can anyone comment on Roshambo wines? Has Woot offered this before?
I’m curious, but need more info before I commit.

And coffee on the side deal!

This is a great offer. I live in Illinois and there is no distribution in my state. I work in Wisconsin and bought a bottle of the Justice Syrah and it was very good, after it opened up a little.

Read about the vineyard and they get it. Of course, when my wife and I visited Napa and Sonoma several years ago, we enjoyed Sonoma more.

Woot, woot, Conroo!!!

On another note: *Roshambo Winery hosts the world’s biggest rock, paper, scissors tournament (the next one is October 6 in Santa Rosa, Sonoma). * Seriously, it never in a million years occurred to me I would have an appropriate place to wear my ‘go rock, beat paper’ t shirt.

i have had their zin b4…good stuff.

Thanks Ublink. I was perusing the Roshambo Web site and got so excited about the winery that I decided to go for it.

May I ask – when (if ever) will the shipping fee switch back to $5?

Thanks, Nallie. I got that shirt, too. By mistake, though. I had w00ted a “sewer rat” shirt and received the “go rock, beat paper” shirt instead . It must have been a sign…

Has anyone had these wines?

Funny, I was just looking at these wines at a great local wine shop this weekend. I opted for a Gruner Veltliner bearing my last name instead, but can’t wait to hear from the winery. Are there any recommended food pairings for this batch? What makes them really distinct in their respective varietals?

About how long can I expect “expect tediously long delivery times” to be? 2 weeks? 2 months? 2 years? Can I expect to see it in my lifetime?