Rosle 25000 Charcoal BBQ Grill

What are you people doing to that chicken in the last picture? That was very disturbing!!!

Rosle 25000 Charcoal Grill with Cover and 2 Chicken Roasters
(MSRP: $500.00 40% off List Price)
Pretty sure this is the first time this has been offered on woot.

No Reviews, $458.98 at amazon

I’m interested, but are any woot reps able to confirm whether the grill on offer is made in Germany or China? I’ve seen production from both countries, recently, as it has been moved to China.

And this is better than a Weber 1 touch Gold how? Heck even a 26 inch Weber is cheaper (or the same woot price)

For that price, it had better be doing the cooking too.

What chicken? Where?

Maybe I am not seeing it, but why does this cost so much?

I think the main difference is the dome on this one is higher for birds. So unless you are grilling birds there is no need for this expensive sucker.

Rosle 25000 Charcoal Grill with Cover and 2 Chicken Roasters
$299.99 $500.00 40% off List Price
So the answer would be $299.99

Look at the pictures of the Grill. On the last picture it shows a can like thing shoved up into a chicken. WHY???

I believe this is known as basting. The chicken has been set up on the chicken roaster (this is used in lieu of a beer can), and while the chicken’s inside cavity is kept moist by your favorite beverage, the outside needs something so it doesn’t feel left out. You could pour liquid over it, but that could put out the fire, so someone came up with the idea of using a brush to put small amounts of sauce on the chicken, and the idea just stuck.

For the answer to these and all other Beer Butt Chicken questions, one needs to consult youtube or squidoo or some other friendly place on the internet. You could even check out Amazon for the book that started it all.

My point was I have never seen a charcoal grill (in this black round dome shape) more than $110 at most.

The chicken roasters, the “high domed lid” and the other negligible features (that are mostly standard on grills like this anyway) don’t even begin to make up for the $299, let alone the $500.

Go to Wal-Mart, get a similar charcoal grill for $100 and save yourself $200 making your wallet a lot happier in my opinion.

I can’t really see myself springing for this particular grill unless I really needed a larger cooking area than my Lodge Sportsman - but I don’t.

However, Woot, offer more of the Orion Cookers and I’ll be in for three for gifts! Just saying…

I could never bring myself to buy a $300 charcoal grill when I can buy a cheap one at Walmart for $20 or a pretty good one for $100.

My current Weber grill, the Performer cost me exactly SQUAT, since my brother’s wife wanted it gone. It even has a propane bottle and jet, to light the charcoal, which I use religiously. (Every Sunday!)

Wherte can you find the 26 inch Weber? (I’ve seen skating rinks smaller!)


Well, Woot! does sell it. Outside of that, I’m at a loss.

(Love my 1 touch Performer!)


I still prefer my Weber Performer. And I cooked 2 whole chickens on it tonight with no trouble.

It’s ceramic. That’s why it’s so expensive. Ceramic grills can easily top 1250$ so this may be a good deal. Ceramic walled grills can get MUCH hotter that burger and dog focused Weber grills. If you the majority of what you grill can be picked up at Walmart then this grill isn’t for you. If you want to sear meat correctly, then you should look into ceramic walled grills.