Roswell Soil Sample

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Roswell Soil Sample
Price: $11.99
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Condition: Out of this world


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I have a UFO Sample to sell you!

Oh yes, sign me up.

Place this next to your pet rock

I was in until I saw it was refurbished

Or fake cell phone

Is this a joke? why would you buy this?

all we want are boc.

A good buy for my buddy Rusty Shackleford.

12 bucks for some dirt.

That’s the epitome of a scam. LOL


Wear your tin foil hat if you open the bottle.

What a great idea! :smiley: I have been to Roswell, NM. Never thought of collecting soil to resell.

At the very least, if you are selling something worthless, make the packaging intriguing!

The whole Roswell circuits all abuzz about it. Alien unicorn, last of its species. His name’s Griffin.

This is a great deal, cheaper than a trip to NM.

I think it’s cool. Not twelve bucks cool but I’m amused.

If you water it, little green men will grow.

I can’t believe people actually buy dirt for $12

That Certificate of Authenticity needs its own Certificate of Authenticity.

That would be twelve bucks cool.