Routers: For Your Networking Pleasure

The N750 works really well. I plugged a 32 Gig memory stick in the USB port. It is my local cloud type storage for all of my windows devices in the house. I have not tried my 3TB hard drive yet. I’m sure it will work the same way. The dual band radios are really nice. You can have your wireless devices split out between 2.4 and 5.0 GHz. All of your devices are not talking on the same frequency which should make things faster. It seems to have helped this at my house. I have around 20 wireless devices. My Century Link Zyxel wireless router would not handle it very well. Not all devices will see the 5.0 GHz frequency. My Acer chromebook, ipads, and Samsung phone were able to use 5 GHz. The Xbox 360’s would not.

Woot is advertising these as new but in reality they’re refurbs with no warranty and don’t even come with the correct power supply. The included power supply is 1.5amps vs the spec’d original 2amp power supply.

I don’t show that you purchased one of these- if you bought one on a different account and received it in a different state that we advertised it- did you already email into support?

My brother and I split a pair of them. Support’s solution was to mail us two replacements, which were the same – non-original packaging, refurbished, no Western Digital warranty, non-correct power supply.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a decent deal, but they’re continuing to misadvertise this as new when it has zero support/warranty.

Please email the order number and situation to for assistance from woot support.

The MyNet 750 with open source firmware becomes a really nice router. I put Gargoyle on one, but openwrt is also a nice option.

Hmm, I have about a dozen N600’s and three N750’s, all came in their original packaging with 1.5A power supply. The packaging of N750 I got from Woot looked like OEM packaging (brown box, etc) but did not carry any signs of being a refurb. It also had the same power supply in the box and the warranty card.

All of these run OpenWRT, the one that is used as a router (these are fantastic DIY devices: I have one running a thermostat in the house, just to give you an example) has been up for 70 days. One runs a webcam that streams and records the stream to a USB harddrive mounted on the cam.

The original firmware is completely useless, however.

I bought the MyNet 750 the last time they were offered on here and I couldnt be happier with it.It runs great,has never dropped the connection and I stream Netflix with it every day.GREAT router!Much better than the Belkin I had previously.It came in the original Western Digital box with power supply,CD disc,and Ethernet cable..It worked fine out of the box,but I DID update the firmware from WDs website to the latest version just to be safe…Works PERFECT.