Rowenta Delta Force 18-Volt Cordless Vacuum

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Rowenta Delta Force 18-Volt Cordless Vacuum
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Good reviews (3.5 out of 5.0) over at

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Product Page

What type of battery? Lithium ion?
NIMH? NiCad? Can you shut the brush off for hard floor cleaning?
Anyone have personal experience with this one?
Many thanks

He likely just did not notice the voltage is different. Easy to miss. I almost did.

nihm, unfortunately

Ni-mh ain’t so bad. You can charge anytime, not just when its low like ni-cad. And since this is something youll use on a regular basis the battery should have a pretty good life cycle

I too would like to know the answer to this question. I have a dark color hardwood floor that shows every crumb of dirt. Sweeping just pushes too much of the stuff around, so I’m interested in a cordless stick vac that would work well on this surface.

According to the product page, it has 3 settings: Off, Floor, and Carpet (with suction booster). I assume floor means no brush.

very good reviews of this model (18v) at Bed and Bath

I have this (blue model color) and really liked it more than I thought I would. Yes, you can turn off the brushroll. The back wheels are soft too and I didn’t have much of a worry of brushroll or wheels putting light scratches into my newly buffed hardwood floors that I had done in December. Initially I thought the longer charging time would be a huge drawback but it really hasn’t been an issue at all. I personally don’t think it is for everyone though (not like the popular Dyson 59 stick cordless) because I have lots of chairs surrounding a formal dining table and even in the informal dining area with little tables so this smaller triangular head fit my cleaning habits the best. Oh- added bonus that I did NOT anticipate - it sucks the dust off the lower part of my baseboards without any effort. I love that! I bought mine at full retail of about $150ish (the full retail reported here is wrong - must be for the 24volt not 18volt) and when I seen this here on Woot…I am not passing this up to get another at this price for brand new. Hope my comments help others in deciding.

We bought this vacuum almost a year ago for a lot more at Bed, Bath & Beyond. My wife loves it. She often reminds me how much she loves it after almost every use, lol. We mostly have hardwood floors and a couple large area rugs along with a dog that shed’s like crazy. This vacuum handles all surfaces very well. The instructions say to keep the vacuum plugged in at all times when not in use. We have never noticed any lose of power during use.

The vacuum has different settings for floors and carpets.

I think we paid $159 for ours and at that price we felt it was worth every penny. At this price, it’s a no brainier.

Ditto to the comment that this is a no-brainer at this price. I use it for my 500sf apartment and I love the thing. It gets into the corners I need it to get into and stashes easily in the back of the closet.

I can get probably 30 minutes of quality vacuum time in before I start to notice the motor wind down and I can usually go another 10 minutes before it’s time for it to charge. This translates to me charging it once a month or so.

Would it be good as the sole vacuum for an entire house? I don’t think so, but it’s perfect for apartment living.

What is model number of this one? Can you replace the battery? How much is a new one? Thanks.

I don’t see a model number but here’s the product page on Rowenta.

We show the list price as $199.

Compared to what preference of yours?

From what I’m reading in the specs, it seems like the head is only 6" wide. Is this true? Thx

I ordered this Rowenta Delta Force 18V and received a DOA unit. Will not charge (plug in > no light). I tried different [working] outlets and all that.

Anyone else? Magic words or Konami code that resurrected it?

Hrmmm. I think the magic words I’d choose are filtered in the forums. You might reach out to Rowenta, these vacuums have a 1yr warranty with them, and they can probably offer more insight.