Rowenta Delta Force 18V Cordless Vacuum

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Rowenta Delta Force 18V Cordless Vacuum
Price: $79.99
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11/15/2015 - $79.99 - Click To See Discussion (7 comments)

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Pretty good reviews (4.3 out of 5.0) over at

What kind of rechargeable battery? Li-Ion, NiMHy, or NiCad?

Ordered one, most reviews are very solid and last cordless Dustbuster type vac I had only ran about 15 minutes tops and battery was bad within a year. I could rebuild the pack but never worked that well when it was good either so will give this guy a shot.
I have a parrot and he loves to drop food to the little jungle creatures below him on our vinyl and carpet floors.
It has a Lithium Ion Battery built in for the person that asked by the way so hopefully will run full power right up to battery going dead. My old one would run full power maybe 5 minutes then slowly ramp down till it was dead within 15 minutes, much less after the pack got some bad cells fairly quickly.

Can motorized head be turned off for vinyl floors?

“Delta Force” vacuum…the only vacuum Chuck Norris would endorse…

I THINK from the product page it has 2 settings, floors and carpet so bet the floors one is suction only but I guess we’ll all see when they arrive unless somebody else has one now or has seen a review that tells.

Found it
Yes, the brushes can be turned off for hardwood floors or tile. If you push the on button part way down the brushes do not engage, all the way down the brushes engage for carpet.
Toots answered on January 22, 2014

I’ve owned this for a year, it’s awesome. It was even worth the $200 I spent on it.

Only problem is that it can work too well, and I have to empty the dirt cup before I’m done. I can vacuum my entire house with this (mostly wood floors on the low setting).

You won’t regret buying this - I almost want another just cause the price is so good.

Thanks for that, most of the reviews sound really positive so hope it shows up soon and this batch sold out looks like.
They have a bunch of really good deals right now but don’t want to load up my card.

How long will it run before needing a re-charge?

Mine showed up yesterday so I put it together and did a test fire. Has 2 speeds, basically low and high, or floors and carpet.
As far as I can tell now that I have it the brush does run on both speeds just turns slower on low/floor mode.
It’s still getting the initial 16 hour charge so haven’t really tried it out or used it yet except to make sure it works. Seems pretty well made and beefy for a plastic unit, looks nice and everything seems easy to deal with like the small dirt cup and filter area on top. It has one thick foam filter that is washable and comes with a extra one and the manual.
They even make a 24 volt and a 12 volt version. The 24 is sposed to run up to 50 minutes and the 12 I think 30?

Well if anyone is still checking the comments on this guy I used mine today for about 20 minutes off and on at high and low power on low pile carpet mostly and it did great at low and high speeds. the beater bar actually groomed the carpet on both speeds and it picked up bird seed and crumbs fine. It never lost power the whole time and actually cleaned up the two areas that the parrot and I hang out in nicely plus did a few bathroom rugs and other areas with minor debris on them.
It will not pick up larger items like small bread crusts and treats Lurch drops on the ground but areas look clean enough till I break out the main vacuum for a major clean later.
Thing is a beast and very powerful for it’s small size and was easy to maneuver and use.