Rowenta Focus Steam Iron Purple 1725-Watt

Rowenta Focus Steam Iron Purple 1725-Watt
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This iron is f*cking metal looking. I don’t know if it’s gonna press my dress shirt perfectly or slay a dragon on stage, followed by a perfectly timed explosion.

Why would a person buy an regular iron without and auto shut off?

A dressmaker would buy a steam station.

Agreed on dressmaker. However, the no-auto-off irons are a big deal with quilters. I guess they get cranky when their iron turns off between each little piecing. /shrug

Frankly, I think that an iron without an automatic shut off is a prescription for disaster. The same iron is available at Amazon with the auto-shut off.

I’m a quilter and I can tell you that we (pretty much all quilters) DESPISE auto shut off.

I’m in for 1

What voltage need this iron?

I’ve had this iron for about 8 months, it’s a BEAST! Kind of saddens me to see it on here for so cheap, almost makes me want to buy a second one.
I personally enjoy the non-auto shutoff feature, simply because I put stuff away when I’m finished ironing so I don’t really have an opportunity to forget about it. Always ready for the next garment.
Rowenta does have some added care recommendations which can be tedious, like emptying the water container and purging the steam function after each use. These things are supposed to last a lifetime so I guess it’s worth it.
All that aside, you will definitely feel (weight and smoothness) and see (smoothing out on the first pass most times) how valuable the iron is over its cheaper counterparts. If you get the slightest bit of joy when ironing your stuff, it’s definitely worth the investment.

No Auto Shutoff = a deal buster for me. I’m out!

I sew and use a steam station iron.

I have always been a huge fan of the Rowenta steam irons. My last one died and the new one I purchased has some issues. It is a darker color like this one and I can’t see how much water is left in the tank - if any at all.

It drips water and I can’t seem to get the steam amount set right. I have even had to refill the tank after ironing just one shirt. It went through that much steam.

I need to research some new brands. Just hate to let go of Rowenta though. They were my favorite.