Rowenta Full-Size Commercial Garment Steamer

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Rowenta Full-Size Commercial Garment Steamer
$69.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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can someone PLEASE gimme the link for a good woot-tracker that shows percentage sniffle

Let me guess…sold out in three, two, one…

I barely have time to wash my clothes let alone steam them.

not the garment steamer

How does this compare to the Segway™?

Which one are you using?

AHhh i missed the aqua globes! I really need a few. D:

What are those flashing sirens? Why do the items keep changing before I order? :slight_smile:

You look cooler riding this

This is much better in urban high traffic environments than the Segway.

wootoff killer?

used to have a awesome one that showed the percent in the tab and was faster than the woot site, rebuilt a new computer and lost it with my fav’s list