Rowenta Full-Size Commercial Garment Steamer Woot Info Post puts the ‘F’ in F5

Rowenta Full-Size Commercial Garment Steamer [Refurbished] - $69.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Rowenta IS9100/IS9050 Precision Valet Full Size Garment Steamer – Variable Steam

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Could this be adapted to do vegetables when the laundry is done?

Here’s a review

Forget that, could you instead attach a mop cloth and use it as a steam mop?

raises eyebrow


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It’s not useful now?

I purchased this unit on woot about a month ago. It works great and is real easy to set up. I used it today to steam clean my queen sized bed and curtains. Tomorrow I will be doing my polo shirts and pants. It produces a ton of steam and is very compact. You can move it around easily and is easy to set up.

Some advice.

  1. Be careful, it produces a lot of steam. I sometimes can’t believe it and will put my hand in front of it. It will burn you quick. You have been warned.
  2. The hose is great, but does drip a bit of water if you get it too low. What I mean is close to bucket. As long as you keep the hose up and sideways, you will have little water build up.
  3. It works great on all fabric. I used it to steam clean my couch. Again, be careful of the steam and excess water.

I have had no problems with this unit. I have used it almost every weekend since I got it and have no complaints. It produces much more steam than those junk shark steamers and hand held steamers. I own a steamer from sharper image that always has to be filled and leaks more water than steam.

This steamer is the real deal and works. Period. Don’t hesitate to buy it.

This is a great steamer. It’s ready to go in less than a minute. I use it everyday. Sure beats setting up an iron and ironing board.

I bought this on Woot a month or so ago, too, and my wife loves it. No more pulling out the ironing board. So far, it’s worked great.

Sounds good, but how does it actually clean furniture (e.g., couch or bed) ? I guess the heat kills potential critters? But it doesn’t actually suck anything out… right?

I got one too. Seems to work great but makes a gurgly noise, is that normal?

I’m a huge fan of my Rowenta iron. In for one!

We bought this during the Woot sale a month or so ago.

I’ve been disappointed in it actually. For large flat areas, ironing is still faster.

It is better than ironing for anything not flat or delicate material of course, but I guess I was expecting a miracle product that would take all the wrinkles out quickly. I don’t believe this to be “commercial” grade for a second…It is just too slow.

Basic wrinkles from the dryer are steamed out somewhat quickly, but anything resembling a crease (heavier wrinkle) takes forever. I used it to get a graduation gown ready for the ceremony which was stored folded. I eventually just gave up on some of the wrinkles even with the unit on max and spending half an hour on the gown. Ironing would have been faster, although more onerous too. (I hate ironing.) And of course the silk hood could not be ironed so steaming was necessary…but again, very slow, especially since the steamer couldn’t touch that fabric apparently.

All in all, an okay purchase (I think we paid more, didn’t we?) I’d buy it again for the current price, but don’t set your expectations too high.

If it gurgles, which is normal, just hold the steam up as high as it goes until the gurgling stops and then go back to what you were doing.

It is ready to go rather quickly, maybe two minutes.

The hanging rack is good for shirts and pants/skirts, but I really wish it went up another two feet to bring stuff up higher when working with longer items – it’s not comfortable to work on your knees and the machine doesn’t like to have the steam head down low anyway (the gurgling starts quickly).

It is rather well built. We have a Rowenta iron and the top end Rowenta ironing board…both are of similar quality.

yours might just be all eletronics, if there is a problem you’ll know right away first use. I’ve had mine for a month or so, and havn’t had to resort to ironing again. call or email to see if someone can replace it.thats my two cents,hope it helps.

Are you from anandtech forums? I think I remember your username from there years ago

I purchased this from the previous woot. I think it works pretty well. If you need super crisp shirts, this will probably not do, but for someone like me whose dress code is always business casual and not sharp dress shirts, this does a good job of steaming out the wrinkles and make shirts presentable with much less effort than ironing.