Rowenta Intense Pure Air HEPA Air Purifier

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Rowenta Intense Pure Air HEPA Air Purifier
Price: $159.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Jan 04 to Tuesday, Jan 05) + transit
Condition: New


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Check out the product page

Filters are about $170 for all three and not super easy to find.

Also product page states 400sq.ft. but Woot lists 800?

If anyone is wondering, here is the filter replacement schedule:

Every 2 to 4 weeks
Active carbon filter
Every 12 months
HEPA filter
Every 3 years
NanoCaptur filter
Color changing

Bed Bath and Beyond appears to offer the filters. This model is rated at over 800 square feet of coverage. I believe the 4000 series is rated at 400 square feet. Finding filters was an issue for me at first, but I found them here…

Thanks =)

So the PU6020 is the newer automatic model and this is the manual model. Anyone what the difference is?

The 6020 has an air quality indicator/monitor and automatically responds to a change in air quality, whereas the 6010 does not have an air quality level indicator. I am not sure if this model has the automatic response feature. Otherwise, the specs are the same. Go to the Rowenta Website to see the head-to-head comparison. This Woot is selling for about the price of a set of replacement filters alone! Reviews are generally good.

would this make litter box area smell better?

Yes the carbon filter mostly captures odors but I have found they need to be replaced every couple weeks to really control odor.

The photo shows the XL model and the height indicates the XL model which is 800 sq ft of coverage. However, the ad says 400 sq ft of coverage which is the smaller model that is only 21" tall? There is a difference between the 6010 and the 6020 so they show the photo and height dimensions of a 6020 XL model which is what I assuming that I am buying here. If anyone knows differently, please let me know. Thanks.

We have several cats. We use clumping litter, not the cheaper clay stuff.

We clean the boxes twice a day and put the “used” stuff in a closed container that has one of those scented draw-string liner bags.

This has reduced “catty” smell a lot.

Try that AND a filter.

We’ve been looking for one of these type of filters as our old air filter we bought from woot about 8 years ago is slowly dying :slight_smile:

Some Amazon links and filters:

I had 300 pounds of dog a while ago (consisting of three large dogs that took cat sized poops…by that I mean poops the size of small cats) they pooped outside…no smell issue at all.

Link to all 3 filters, from allergy buyers which is an excellent site.

Mine arrived in perfect condition (no shipping damage) but is completely DOA!

Anyone have this issue with this product? Is there a safety shut off switch or other technical glitch that might cause this? There are no power issues. I have installed and removed the filters a few times to be sure they are in proper position. The service tech assures me that they check every unit before they leave the factory.

Mine too arrived DOA. Everything placed properly, cover closed, and no signs of life at all. WTH!

And I didn’t even open the second unit I bought for my brother’s new office… If that is broke too, I don’t know what to say…

Oh man, sorry. These have a 1yr Rowenta warranty.

If you need any extra help, send your order info to; CS can check into your account.

Thank you! I sent a message to Woot and am still waiting for a reply. :frowning:

I contacted Rowenta customer support and was told my only option is to pay to ship it to the nearest service center in New York! Seriously, I then would pay more for a “refurb”. I fully expected they would honor the return and ship a new one. Seriously! It is DOA. I am pissed, think I will call them again.
Woot offered me a $20 rebate to keep it? Come on… it is DOA. What do I do with a 3 foot $160 paperweight. The other option is for Woot (they are out of the product)to issue a pre-paid shipping label and will issue a refund.
None of these options are good :frowning:
What I really want is a new working model! I just wish Rowenta would make this easier…
Anyhow, I packed it up and pondering my predicament…