Rowenta Intense Pure Air HEPA Air Purifier

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Rowenta Intense Pure Air HEPA Air Purifier
Price: $159.99
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Condition: New


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How often are you supposed to change the filters?

How long will the filters continue to be available for purchase, on this discontinued model?

Per amazon, it shares the same filter as the newer 6020 model. I am definitely grabbing one at this price.

The filter change timeline is available on page 8 of the user manual linked in the description.

IS this unit the XL PU6010 (the 835 sq ft coverage model), or the PU6010 (400 SF)?
By weight, it appear to be the latter…

Depends on how heavily it’s used: Programmable for 1-2-4-8 hours (if I recall correctly), and the 1st filter is washable: The other vary on recommended replacement dates from 3 months to 3 years…

per the title, it’s the PU6010. :slight_smile:

Why does the description specify the coverage as 835 square feet if it is not the XL model.

We’re selling this one.

There’s a newer model now so I can’t find it on the Rowenta site.