Rowenta Irons - Your Choice

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Rowenta Irons - Your Choice
Price: $49.99 - 99.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Friday, Dec 23 to Monday, Dec 26) + transit
Condition: New


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4.3 Stars on the DW9280 over at BB&B

My Father-in-law melted a comb onto our previous iron… I have no idea how it happened.

I ended up reluctantly splurging on Rowenta DW5080. That was one of the best purchases I’ve ever made… I can iron in half the time and it actually takes out wrinkles. I’m awful at ironing and hate it, but seriously these irons are amazing.

Hopefully it will last as long as the last one (8+ years).

I bought the DW9081 on 10/16/16 and love it. The steam is more than enough for anything I’m ironing (mostly dress shirts and pants, but some thicker cotton as well.)

It does leave some white powder on my darker clothes when starting out, but that disappears if I use the clean function before use. My water just has a lot of minerals, so I don’t blame the iron for that.

I felt it was worth the $69.99 that I paid two months ago, so it’s a steal at this price (not even counting uncle Jeff’s discount). I usually don’t complain about post purchase price drops (It’s woot! after all!), but close to 30% less in just 2 months is hard to feel OK about. Any chance for some rebate love for an old wooter???

This is only anecdotal, and about Rowenta’s in general (not any of these particular models). When I was a young teenager in ROTC in high school, I needed a good iron to make sure my uniforms had a good military press. Therefore, I collected up all the little money I had and bought a bottom of the line refurbished Rowenta at the time. This was about 17 years ago. That iron still works perfect and is the best one I have ever bought. Left it back at home with my parents and they use it till this day. Fast forward a few years. Since then I have been trying to find another Rowenta that performed as good as that one and I just can’t. I’ve purchased 5, yes 5 since then in hopes that I will get another one to perform just as good as my first but they never do. I tried buying a brand new top of the line model which leaked water all over my wife’s antique ironing board and destroyed it. All of the the subsequent Rowenta purchases leaked water as well. Some did not give a good steam burst after about a week of use. One just completely failed after 1 month. I’ve tried only using distilled water (even after anti-calc became a feature), tried doing the auto-cleaning once a week. It never helped. Long story short IMO, Rowenta’s aren’t near what they used to be. From my personal experience, Rowenta has failed me too many times to try again.

I have two of the DW9081 from woot. They are awesome! At $50 this is the best bang for buck iron you will ever find! Absolutely get this previous flagship Rowenta. I’m tempted to even just snag another one up at this price, just to have one while I still can.
Not too sure about the newer DW9280 or if it’s worth literally double the price, but I can tell you the DW9081 is an absolute steal and no brainer! Buy it! Buy two!

These irons will push your wee 15 amp breakers to the limit.

These are great. If you need a serious iron that will last a long time, totally worth it.

I Wooted one of these about a year ago and it’s been a champ. Handles hard water very well I might add, can be used for hand-steaming things if necessary as well. I can get away without starching certain garments because of how good it is. I would totally recommend them.

I bought it last time. Its like a purple dragon shooting nostril steam into my wardrobe. Except it leaves my shirts crisp.

I purchased a Rowenta Steamium iron for my wife on 9/9/16. $189.99 list, Woot price $69.99. Still in the box, never used. I didn’t know she bought a similar one days before. Anyone interested? $60. I will ship.

“Which is why it only made since for Rowenta to introduce…”

Since? :wink:

Anyone have feedback on the DW5197?

I have another model of Rowenta…all I can say is be sure to check the weight on the one you buy. Mine is too heavy for me to use comfortably. (so I bought another brand…which weighs 2 lbs 2oz)

Yes, I bought this model on a previous offering. It’s a great iron! I love that it does not have any auto shut off. I had given up on Rowena until this model - it’s a keeper!