Rowenta Precision Valet Garment Steamer

Previous Woot!

Agree - great price compared to anywhere else … even previous refurbished prices have been in the $70-$80 range everywhere.

Seems to get good reviews too … I hate ironing … but these are so convenient!

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Can’t speak to this particular product, but Rowenta irons have a terrific reputation.

Bought this on the last Woot!

Great steamer. Use it daily here in NYC. If you need one, pick it up!

Going to the customer service link at their website:

leads to links including Q&A and troubleshooting guide and

Download instructions: can get you to the page, choose garment steamers, pick the precision valet garment steamer. It lists multiple models, but the manual acutally lists 9000, so I think this covers all the models listed–sorry, can’t link to it directly instructions&actif=true

I want one!!

But this refurb has complaints of being shipped without all the parts one month ago on deals.woot,

Dirtied and in bad condition, to boot?


This is an older model, the newer ones have two foot petals (one to turn the steam on, one to reel in the cord). The newer model goes for $130 on sale in stores…this model should be cheaper. Works well, but the cord is short - so you end up pulling it around a bit. Other than that, works great!

i used this on my 81 year old grandmother and she now looks like she’s 25…almost completely wrinkle free! highly recommended!

I was quoting the refurb prices for this same model. Cheapest I’ve found was the last time it was on woot! for $60. Others seem to hover in the $70-$80 for refurb and $130 new. But yes the newer models run a little higher.

Balanced the risk of getting an incomplete or dirty product vs the cost, and decided to get one anyway. My boyfriend routinely goes to work with horribly wrinkled dress shirts, and he works in an office setting. I am amazed no one has reprimanded his unprofessionalism yet, but providing my steamer works and has all of the tools included, I will soon fix that (:

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I want one!!

But this refurb has complaints of being shipped without all the parts one month ago on deals.woot,

I bought this one last month and also thought it was the missing all the parts as they weren’t in the box. A little more digging around and I found hidden them in a handy on-board compartment; maybe that happened to other folks.

P.S. I love this machine!

I bought this last time around, too, with some trepidation as other previous-previous buyers complained that it is tricky to use and not a substitute for ironing. After using it for over a month now, I agree that it takes some getting used to and does not replace an iron for all situations, but is a great tool to have.

PRO: It takes me about 3-5 minutes to steam a dress shirt in the morning, as opposed to the 20-25 minutes it would take to iron the same shirt.
CON: A steamed shirt is wrinkle-free, but is not pressed. No crisp creases, no stiff fabric (but after wearing a shirt for an hour only the creases would be left anyway).

PRO: Very fast to heat up and use.
CON: Tube can crimp and reduce flow of steam, and sometimes make a rhythmic popping sound (I presume this is steam recondensing and dripping back into the tank); just have to turn hose to resolve.

PRO: No ironing board or additional supplies needed.
CON: It is not possible to “press” stubborn wrinkles or push flat on tricky parts of a garment. Nor is there a good way (that I have found) to hold a shirt or other garment in a fixed position ideal for steaming (you have to hold the sleeves out and avoid steaming your fingers (watch out – steam will rise inside the sleeve and is still hot when it reaches your fingers that you thought were safely out of the way of the steamer head itself)).

My wife also loves the steamer; she hates (hates, HATES) the iron. She also uses it for prepping fabrics she uses in her crafts.

Bottom line, we have liked this so well, we bought another one today to give to my mother-in-law for Christmas.

These are awesome. I got one from woot about a year ago. I use it every few weeks to do my shirts and pants. . I’ve only needed an iron a couple of times. I’m not sure why, but I’ve found steaming is about twice as fast as ironing. I loved it so much I got one for my dad. He’s an ironing freak (irons his sheets!). He’s now converted over too and recommending it my brother in law.

Also bought one when Woot offered it several months ago. Works great. Instructions say it can be used with tap water, but I fill it with distilled.

I bought this about a year ago and have been very pleased. All my attachmets were icluded, but were in the drawers and it took me awhile to find them. Great for freshening up curtains without having to take them down. I also have to admit to using this as a vaporizer and to perk up my curly hair. Works beautifully on silk, acetates, and chiffons with no worries about scorching them. My only complaint is the wheels on mine don’t turn properly so I have to pick it up to move it. But it’s light enough that it’s not really a problem, just inconvenient.


I bought one of these on Woot! some time ago (for more $) and it is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. I use my steamer all of the time. It’s easier than ironing, this model is sturdy and holds clothes well, and it has variable steam levels which is great.

Perfect timing, Woot! I just started a new job in the downtown financial district, so I have to dress like a professional adult rather than rolling into work wearing jeans and a polo shirt.

Highly recommend this

For both steaming your dry cleaning and allowing you to take it in less frequently (will save $$ plus better for the environment) to cleaning soap scum and other hard to clean things from the bathroom.