Rowenta Precision Valet Garment Steamer

I finally made my first home.woot purchase. I absolutely hate ironing, and have pants in my closet I haven’t worn in months for the simple fact that I would have to iron them first.

My hubby said it would be a good addition since I wrinkle his clothes when I do the laundry…I hope this steamer doesn’t turn into a fight!

I hate ironing, and this doesn’t cost much more than a decent ironing board (which I was thinking of getting).

In for 1.

I found only one review on Amazon, a person who said it was difficult to use the pants attachment and would probably keep ironing his pants, but otherwise liked it. We’ve been thinking about getting a steamer, and based on the experiences reported here, we’re leaning towards picking up this woot. Sounds like the overall experience has been positive, for most of those here who bought it. Thanks for taking the time to post your reviews.

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HELP!! I ordered one steamer to be sent to my home address. Then I went back in to order a second steamer and wanted to send it to by daughter. I got the message: You already have one on this account.
Any ideas on how I can order two, and have each one sent to a different address?

log out, new account.

You should be able to gift one to her.

When in doubt, email woot customer service, in my experience they are good at responding to queries and resolving problems.

Agree, I bought one last time to replace one 4 times the money. Works just as well. Sure beats ironing, and substitutes for same for probably 80% of garments.

I had a situation like this yesterday (wouldn’t let me order more than one of something and when they fixed it, I couldn’t place another order - only 1 order per customer). I sent customer service a note, but the ones I wanted were sold out before they got to my note.

They suggested to create another account with another payment method to make a second order.

Great steamer. Used it to de-wrinkle every dress in our wedding party last year. It only took my sister 15 minutes from opening the box to start steaming, and she’d never used a steamer before. It isn’t meant to be moved around a whole lot though - so if you pick it up by the handles at all, it will disconnect. Other than that - it’s awesome, it works, and it’s simple - oh and cheap! Worth it.

As long as it doesn’t sell out, you can email and ask them to adjust your order.

If you are worried about it selling out and really, really want it, then another account with a different payment method would be your best bet.

Not sure about this Rowenta model, but I’ve had 4 Rowenta irons. Burned out 2 of them within a year of purchase – other two leaked like a hose. Won’t buy another Rowenta product – company will not respond to customer complaints/concerns.

Picked up one of these at $79 almost 2 years ago and use it frequently. Love it! Great on those upcoming delicate holiday dresses and blouses. Never had a problem with a Rowenta item, sorry others have.

No room in the house for this. Maybe I can rig something up with my iron and a teapot :slight_smile:

I love mine. I bought mine on woot a year ago for ~100 or so. It doesn’t work on really thick fabrics but for dress shirts and thin suits, it works like a charm!

Shipping Update

Rowenta Precision Valet Garment Steamer has completely shipped via FEDEX SMART POST. All tracking has already been emailed out. You can also find your tracking number by following this link and use your ORDER NUMBER as the reference number.


Got mine today. Seems to work okay, not as good as a regular iron, but faster. Is that supposed to be the point? I’m using it on scrubs mostly. No missing parts or anything.

I got mine too and was sad. There was zero packing materials to protect the product during shipping. Also, no handle, and no accessories in my compartment (also missing the compartment cover). This was less like factory refurbished and more like buying it used from Craigslist.

I received mine and just like the last buyer’s post, it was shipped loose, with no packing material, but all accessories were in their place. No instructions, but they are easily downloaded from the Rowenta website.

The big bonus is that Woot shipped the DELUXE MODEL, with retractable cord and adjustable steam levels. Works great.

I just received mine today. But could not insert the integrated hanger into the pole. The clips are broken each side. I thought that someone bought this before tried to push it out by using some kind of tool. The end of the hanger that should be inside the pole are damaged. And also, the curtain rod extension is missing. I need an iron and don’t want to return to avoid going through hassle of putting them together back in the box. I just wonder:

  1. The manufacture/Woot will send a new hanger to replace the broken one?
  2. May I return the stuff (if this can not be fixed)? I don’t see the return policy though there’s an address for returning in the box.

I’m newbie to this site, please advise. Thank you.

Added note: Oh, moreover, the cord could not be rewinded :(( I definitely want to return. Please advice me how :((

I’m sorry your Rowenta is having problems.

You can do two things:

-You have a 6-month warranty with Rowenta so you can contact them and ask them for service.

-You can email for an Return Authorization. Include your woot order number, the name of the product, and describe the problem(s) with the product.

Contacting Rowenta, you’re sure to get another product. Woot can only exchange the product if they have another in stock.

Hope this helps!